Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Do you worry about leaving your dog home alone because you feel guilty, get all mushy for those big sad eyes, or worried about the condition of your home once you return?  Separation anxiety in dogs can tear at your heartstrings but it has many solutions. Most dogs can be left home alone during the day and lead happy lives. There is a small population of dogs that can be destructive, house soil or be miserable. However, these are not … Read More

Is Your Dog Ready For Face Masks?

In this world of corona virus, there will be a new normal for your dog who will see people everywhere wearing face masks and gloves.  Is your dog ready for a world with face masks? Humans will look dramatically different outside. With this change happening so suddenly it can really spook your dog when they go for walks or when people come over to the house. Logically, you will understand that a face mask doesn’t turn people into monsters.  Dog’ … Read More

COVID-19 Updates

June 2, 2020 Current Modified Hours Monday Through Friday 7am – 7pm Saturday and Sunday 8am – 5pm, Late Night Pickup 5pm – 7pm Overnight Boarding and Board and Train available 7 days a week. All departments are fully staffed except for our overnight attendant. Once demand increases for boarding, the overnight staff will be brought back. Dogs are being monitored overnight via non-public webcams until staff are brought back. May 14, 2020 This announcement is for GROUP TRAINING CLASSES.  … Read More

How To AVOID Quarantine Puppy Syndrome

I have been hearing from our clients at Wags & Wiggles, who are worried about the Quarantine Puppy Socialization Syndrome. This Syndrome happens when a puppy isn’t socialized to things that the puppy will meet once Quarantine is over. Some puppies were pre-planned, and some clients decided to get a puppy because the coronavirus forced them to stay home. I even have clients that just finally got their unsocialized dogs used to daycare and making friends, and now coronavirus has … Read More

Free Canine Enrichment: Prep for 10 Day Challenge

It isn’t a secret that stimulating your dog’s mind is among the things that contribute to their happiness. What you may not have considered is “the power of choice”. Free Canine Enrichment is a hot topic now among dog enthusiasts. Humans decide every factor of a dog’s life, from when they eat to where they potty. Putting some choice back into their lives through puzzles, games and enrichment can add to that stimulation. Canine Enrichment is a broad name for … Read More

In Basic Dog Training Lingo, You’re Forked!

Summer is coming to an end, and something has been brewing in your house. The dog has gone a little stir crazy. He’s higher strung, running around more, and harder to control. His barking is unmanageable, and he is ignoring your cues. You are no longer in denial and have accepted reality – he’s sweet for sure, but his behavior has crossed a line. You have arrived at the fork in the road. If you continue down the current path, … Read More

Getting Another Dog After Your Dog’s Best Friend Dies

It’s inevitable: if you own multiple dogs, at some point, one of your dogs will lose his or her friend. Every dog grieves differently. Some dogs no longer find pleasure in daily activities, like eating or going for walks, while other dogs develop separation anxiety. This is when the idea of getting another dog creeps up. It starts with a simple internet search “just to look at photos.” Then you start talking about the idea to your group of friends. … Read More

3 Dog Behaviors That Can Turn Your Beloved Dog into a Liability

1. Snapping at the face Many dog owners find it endearing when their dogs kiss their faces. Humans kiss to show affection, so when your dog does it, it feels like he or she really loves you! However, most mouth licking between dogs is pesky behavior. The dog is really asking, “will you let me do this?” If you teach your puppy that it’s okay to lick your face, you are training your puppy to target human faces. Fast forward … Read More

Why Leaving Your Dog Alone in the Yard is a Bad Idea

Why Leaving Your Dog Alone in the Yard is a Bad Idea Deciding what to do with your dog while you’re at work, running errands, or otherwise out of the house can be a tough choice. Most dog owners have to leave their dogs home alone for periods of the day, and some owners choose to leave their dogs alone in the yard unattended. While this might sound like a good idea, leaving a dog alone in the yard all … Read More

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