Plan Your Dog’s Vacation

Are you planning a family vacation and now need to plan the dog’s vacation? According to Google, February 1st is the number one day of the year when people start researching their vacation plans.  This should also be the time you plan your dog’s vacation. Boarding Your Dog Trying to plan care for your dog can be stressful.  Should they stay in your home or go to a boarding facility?  Ultimately, that depends on the dog, but using a boarding … Read More

Is Puppy Class Important

Is Puppy Class still important in 2024? Talking to people when we are walking dogs around the city for training, we often hear that people think they can just train their dogs using YouTube.  Since online training has become popular, is there really still a need a take an in-person puppy class? Socializing the Right Way The one big thing online training can’t provide is proper socialization.  There is a right way to socialize puppies.  There is also a wrong … Read More

7 Back To School Tips For Your Dog

Use our 7 back-to-school tips to help make the adjustment for your family dog a little easier and lessen anxiety. The summer months are a non-stop party for most dogs, with visitors, trips, camping, and kids constantly playing with them.  Some dogs struggle to adjust when they suddenly find themselves home alone. If you recently adopted your dog over the summer or got a puppy, the change can be very upsetting. You can help your dog by implementing these 7 … Read More

5 Signs Your Dog Needs A Job

There are five signs that your dog’s behavior problems are because your dog needs a job. Every dog needs some activity that we call a job or work to lead a fulfilling life. Even if you own a small dog breed, they need “work” and will act out if their needs aren’t met. The good news is there are many ways to satisfy your dog’s job needs. But first, here are the five signs that your dog needs a job. … Read More

The Importance of Crate and Confinement Training

Wags & Wiggles is seeing a massive surge of private lesson requests for crate training. Crate training is an essential tool for both the dog and owner. We all knew this was coming. But, unfortunately, dog owners have forgotten the value of teaching their dogs to be comfortable being restrained, confined, or resting in a crate. Some of these dogs are ending up in rescue. Their new owners now face the challenge of teaching their dogs this important life skill. … Read More

New Year, New Doggie Daycare

It’s a New Year, and we want to welcome all our new and existing clients back to our fully renovated doggie daycare locations!   The last two years of surviving the pandemic have been an enormous strain. In the beginning, closing forever was on the table for consideration. However, we could not throw away 23 years of hard work and dedication to our community. Besides, we are having too much fun! We decided to double down and work on projects … Read More

Preparing For Your Puppy’s First Day of Dog Daycare

In current times, preparing your puppy for their first day at dog daycare may take some advance planning. Whether your dog is a young puppy just starting to explore or a middle-aged dog who has been spending more time at home this past year, it is important to make sure your dog is comfortable socializing, playing, and relaxing in daycare. Many dog daycare facilities are busy right now socializing covid puppies using both daycare and training. The first step to … Read More

June 15 Mask Update

As of June 15, California is releasing some of the restrictions in place for masks and social distancing.  Wags & Wiggles will slowly be releasing some of its restrictions as well.  Due to the high volume of clients and employees, we plan to take a slow-release approach to make sure everyone can comfortably use our services. Clients who are vaccinated will no longer be required to wear a mask when dropping off or picking dogs.  Clients who are vaccinated will … Read More

Positive Reinforcement Tools In Dog Daycare

Here is the Wags & Wiggles Guide to the positive reinforcement tools we use in our dog daycare play areas. Most dogs need help adjusting to a new environment like dog daycare.  The lack of socialization for dogs in the last year is becoming evident as people are starting to go back to work and need to find a place where their dogs can be happy.  Wags & Wiggles uses various positive reinforcement tools in our dog daycare to help … Read More

Puppy Playtime – Is Biting Normal?

    Puppy playtime can bring some extremely high and low emotions for most owners.  Are they going to get hurt?  Is someone going to be bit? Is this normal?  Why won’t my puppy play?  Or why are they so rough?  These are some of the normal questions we get about puppy playtime. What Is Normal For Puppy Playtime There are many styles of play for puppies depending on their personality, experience level, and who their play partner is.  Most … Read More

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