Day School Lessons

Your first lesson is FREE*

This program is designed to augment your training plan. Let us do the work! We've enrolled everything from puppies in need of basics, adolescence dogs driving their parents insane due to lack of self-control, and even aggressive or under-socialized dogs.

Parents expecting human babies, first-time pet owners, and vacationers are the most frequent users. Dayschool lessons can take place at our facility. You will have a free initial consult with a trainer to design the plan for your lessons.

Lessons can be done at the facility during daycare or boarding. You receive a lengthy written report card outlining what was achieved and what to work on at home.

Dog Training School

(Daycare Fees Not Included)

Monday through Friday, during daycare or boarding, your dog will be worked by a trainer for 30 minutes and then returned to play for the remainder of the day.  You are welcome to attend training sessions.

  • $40/Lesson
  • 5 Day Lesson Pass ($33/lesson): $165
  • 10 Day Lesson Pass ($30/lesson): $300

Doggy DaySchool Easy 1-Step Enrollment Process
Doggy DaySchool students must be scheduled by a Wags Trainer.

Email Us! or Call us for an over the phone interview.

Training Equipment and Supplies
We provide the training expertise; you provide:

  • collar and/or harness
  • 6' leash
  • lots of yummy treats

Leash Master

Seize The Day
Tame The Beast

Choose to Heel
Walking With A Goal
Leave it * Stay * OFF
Heel * Side


Critical Core Skills

Name Game * Crate
Training * Potty Bells
Stay * Leash Walking
Sit To Greet

Pack Manners

For Social Butterflies.
Build Focus Around
Other Dogs

Come * Wait Your Turn
Leave it * Stay * Drop
Learn To Share


Life Beyond Obedience

Shake * Sit Pretty
Rollover * Spin
Bow * Crawl * Play Dead
Buzzer Discrimination

$165 | TFL Price $125