Day School Training Lessons

What will your dog learn today?

What are day school training lessons?

Day school lessons are designed to supplement your training plan. Lessons take place at our facility, Monday through Friday, during your dog's daycare or boarding stay.

Our certified dog trainers remove your dog from the play floor for a 30-minute, one-on-one lesson. After the lesson, your dog will be returned to play for the rest of the day with his or her friends. You will receive a report card outlining what was achieved and instructions on what behaviors to work on at home. If you would like to attend a lesson with your dog, please see private lessons.

Who can benefit from day school training lessons?

Everyone! Lessons are for every breed, every age, and every size. Parents expecting babies, first-time dog owners, and vacationers are the most frequent users. We've enrolled every type of canine student, from puppies in need of basic obedience to adolescent dogs driving their parents insane! We also work with reactive, aggressive, and/or under-socialized dogs.

In addition, our trainers can work on behaviors learned in our obedience, sport dog, and agility classes. Lessons are a great supplement to our group classes!

How are day school training lessons different from Board & Train programs?

Day school lessons are available as a pup-grade to any daycare or boarding stay.  Dayschool lessons are meant to aid a training program that is already in progress at home through group classes, private lessons, or previous puppy raising/board & train.

If you have not started training your dog yet, please enroll in a different program to start.

Our Board & Train curriculum is designed to be all-in-one, comprehensive training programs and include daycare, overnight boarding, two one-on-one training lessons per day, private lessons for you after the stay, and more!

How do I purchase day school training lessons?

We have an easy enrollment process! Your first-day school lesson must be scheduled by a Wags & Wiggles certified trainer. Email uscall us, or fill out our form to the right for a free consultation!

Day school lessons and passes are available for purchase online. Buy a pass and your first lesson is free!


Leash Master

Seize the day, tame the beast!

Key behaviors we'll work on:
Loose leash walking, leave it,
stay, off, heel, side

Pack Manners

Learn manners around other dogs!

Key behaviors we'll work on:
Come, wait your turn, leave it, stay,
come, drop it, learn to share


Basic puppy manners!

Key behaviors we'll work on:
Name game, crate training, potty bells,
sit, stay, come, leash walking, sit to greet


Life beyond obedience!

Key behaviors we'll work on:
Shake, sit pretty, rollover, spin, bow,
crawl, play dead, buzzer discrimination