Meet our current dog rescues that are looking for their forever home!

If you are interested in any of our current dog rescues, please fill out our  Adoption Application at the bottom of this page.

Milo is a 2-year-old male neutered Puggle looking for a new home!

Emerald City Pet Rescue currently owns him, and Wags & Wiggles is providing Board and Train services. Milo was part of a last-chance program as he was scheduled for euthanasia at the OC Animal Shelter. Milo was at the OC Shelter once, then adopted and returned several months later. The owner reported a bite incident, but we don't have details.

When Milo was first at the shelter, he went to their regular dog playgroups. When he returned to the shelter, he was scared of other dogs and had wounds on him. Since being released from the shelter, he was in a foster home with older calm dogs and got along well. Milo is leash reactive towards other dogs on walks, which is part of the reason for the Board and Train. Milo is not in daycare but is being reintroduced to trained calm dogs.

Milo is very high-energy and would bring laughter to any home that enjoys a dog with a whimsical spirit.

The prospective home would need a yard to exercise Milo, so walks could be kept short and part of his training process.

Milo should not live with children under the age of 13. Milo enjoys playing with toys and doing his training exercises. If adopted locally, two private In-Facility lessons come with his adoption.

If you are interested in Milo, do not fill out the Wags & Wiggles application. Instead, please get in touch with Magda with Emerald City Pet Rescue at (760) 889-1251 or

Meet Shaggy!  Shaggy is a 3-year-old male neutered Havanese mix.

Emerald City Pet Rescue saved Shaggy from euthanasia at a local shelter.

He is currently in the Wags and Wiggles Board & Train program to learn basic obedience.  Shaggy is a vocal, energetic dog who wants to be involved in everything.  He will bond tightly with a new family.

Shaggy loves to learn and earn treats.  He really likes to go for walks.  Shaggy is dog friendly and has spent time in daycare.  Shaggy should not live with children under the age of 13.

He can get nippy during handling when excited.  This has gotten better with training but will take more time to resolve fully.  We go slow to put harnesses and collars on him.  He would require an experienced groomer.

Shaggy is active and would prefer a family that is home more than not.

Shaggy appears to be potty trained.

Two private In-Facility lessons come with his adoption, if adopted locally.

If you are interested in Shaggy, do not fill out the Wags & Wiggles application. Please contact Magda with Emerald City Pet Rescue at or call (760) 889-1251.

I understand Wags & Wiggles requires all rescues to get neutered. I agree to license the dog and give it proper vet care. I agree to allow a home inspection if it is requested. I agree that I am over 18 years of age.

Wags & Wiggles  does ask an adoption fee in order to help us cover expenses incurred. Should an unneutered or unspayed dog be placed with me, I agree to have it neutered or spayed by such date agreed upon by me and a Wags & Wiggles representative. At that time, I will forward evidence to Wags & Wiggles that such procedure has been completed and an agreed upon portion of the adoption fee with be refunded.

This dog will reside in my home as a pet. I will provide it with adequate food, water, shelter, training, affection, and medical care. I understand that Wags & Wiggles is a referral service and is not responsible for the accuracy of information received about the habits, temperament, or physical condition of dogs available for adoption. I understand that it is my responsibility to evaluate the dog for myself before agreeing to adopt it. I am in full agreement with these terms of adoption. Wags & Wiggles shall not be liable for, and is hereby relieved from, all liability for any damage, expenses, causes of action, fines, suits, demands, judgments or claims of any nature whatsoever arising from or by reason of any damage to property or injury to any persons caused in whole or in part by the dog placed in your home. I hereby accept and assume such liability and agree to protect, indemnify and hold Wags & Wiggles Dog Daycare, LLC & Laurie Zurborg harmless from and against all of the aforesaid. Submiting this form constitutes your permission for us to check references.


Thank you for contacting Wags & Wiggles. One of our representatives should be contacting you shortly after receiving this application.