Virtual Online Dog Training & In Person Private Dog Training

All you need is a device with internet connection and a camera (computer with webcam, tablet, phone)

Wags & Wiggles is here to support you during these difficult times, with virtual, online training for you and your dogs.  Currently our inperson inhome and inschool private lessons are on hold until the county lifts our Corona Virus quarantine.

However, dog training sessions can easily be performed via video, using services such as Skype and Zoom. Most dog training issues, including serious problems such as aggressive behavior and excessive barking, can be handled in the Wags & Wiggles Online Dog Training program.

Online Training sessions use a combination of real-time video (Wags & Wiggles Certified Trainer and you on camera live via Skype or Zoom) and pre-recorded videos that demonstrate specific techniques and skills.

Online coaching is flexible and convenient and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Many fearful dogs can thrive through with online dog training since no strangers coming into the home will shut them down.  Lessons are progressive and will guide you through developing foundation behaviors all the way to working with real life situations.

Ideal for Families
Everyone learns to work as a team to instill self-control and good manners. Private training lessons are perfect for families with busy schedules or young children. Lessons are a great solution for multiple dog households!

Aggressive Dogs Welcome
Private socialization, obedience & training for aggressive, shy, or wild dogs. We use scientific behavior analysis to determine what is the trigger for the dog's unwanted behavior. We use a combination of management, alternative behaviors, and calming techniques to change behavior.

Follow Up
Each lesson comes with a written behavior change plan including homework, videos, and handouts.

Online Service Area
Anywhere in the United States

In Person Service Area
South, Central and North Orange County

On Line Virtual Dog Training Lessons

All Online Training programs start with an Initial Consultation. This 75 minute training session gives me a chance to meet you and your pet(s) and learn more about your goals. The Initial Consultation, which is $129, starts with a comprehensive analysis of your problem behavior and a detailed behavior training plan! After the Initial Online Training Consultation, you will receive an email report on what we discussed, as well as specific notes and videos on how to get started training your dog.

We offer a package of 3 Virtual Dog Training Lessons and access to our online dog training classroom for only $299.  That gives you the initial 75 min dog training session and (2) 30 min follow up virtual sessions.  Included is the online dog training classroom giving you access to 18 courses include our Behavior Behab Courses.



In Person Private Dog Training Lessons

In Person Puppy Private & Group Combo - $249
Package of 4 puppy group classes + 1 hour private lesson in-home.

In Person Non-Aggression Privates

In-home Initial Lesson - $180
1.5 - 2 hours

In-school Initial Lesson - $150
1.5 - 2 hours

In-home Follow up - $120
1 hour

In-school Follow up - $99
1 hour

Non-Aggression Package - $599
5 in-home lessons

Non-Aggression Package - $499
5 lessons at our facility

In Person Aggression Privates

In-home Initial Lesson - $245
2 - 3 hours

In-school Initial Lesson - $220
2 - 3 hours

In-home Follow up - $120
1 hour

In-school Follow up - $100
1 hour

Aggression Package - $699
5 in-home lessons

Aggression Package - $599
5 lessons at our facility


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