Wags & Wiggles Events

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Sunday, April 28th 10am - 2pm Tustin Facility.

Come have fun at our Spring Festival!

All friendly dogs are welcome!

Parking is along Chambers Rd.  We have a special parking permit for the event.

We will have FREE training courses for you and your dog to try:

🐽 K9 Nose Work Course - Challenge your dog's sniffing ability by having them search for treats through a specially made course.

⚽ Sport Dog Course - Take your dog through a course designed to help with body awareness and canine fitness.

⭐ Rally Obedience Course - Have fun while putting your dog's obedience skills to the test.

🏃 Recall Alley Challenge - Test your dog's recall cue with distractions. You have a chance to win a FREE day of daycare!

📸 Interactive courses, Dog Painting, Popsicles & more outside while you wait to train!

You do not have to be a current client to come and paw-ty with us. We will offer on-the-spot Meet & Greets so you and your dog can enjoy our daycare and boarding services ASAP.

You'll also have the chance to meet some of our fantastic staff who care for your dog!

We can't wait to enjoy the festivities with you! ✨

Saturday, June 15th 9 -10 am O'Neil Park

Wags & Wiggles First Pack Walk!

All friendly dogs are welcome!

Location: O'Neil Park Entrance 1. The nearest cross streets are El Camino Montana, and Las Flores. Park on El Camino Montana at the back entrance to O'Neil Park.

165 Live Oak Canyon Trail, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the requirements to join?
Please have physical control over your dog
6 Foot Leash Maximum, No retractable leash
Well-fitting gear (collars/tools)
No females in heat
Clean up all poop
What should I bring?
Poop Bags
Dog Water and Dog Water Bowl
Human Water
We recommend you bring treats to get focus on you when needed
How Do I Sign Up & Is there a Cost?
No registration is necessary! Arrive a few minutes before to find parking. If your dog is high-energy or anxious, you can come 20 minutes early to walk them around first. This event is FREE to everyone!  If you have concerns about how your dog may react to this event, reach out to us first. 
Do I have to be a Wags & Wiggles Client to Attend?
Anyone is welcome.  Being a current client is not necessary.
Can my dog meet other dogs?
This is not a dog park event, dog to dog greetings may be limited. Not everyone wants their dog to interact with other dogs. We start all walks with a brisk, focused walk. No nose-to-nose greetings are allowed until after the walk. You must get the other owner's permission first before greeting another dog. We always give right of way to other pedestrians, cars and dogs not involved in our walk.
Where Does the Walk Begin?
We change locations to give dogs a variety of places to go.  Check above for location.
How old does my dog have to be to attend?
We recommend that your dog is at least 5 months old and fully vaccinated.
How long is the walk?
Most walks are 1.5 - 3 miles long.  Walks generally last 1 - 1.5 hours.  A Map will be posted for each event.
What if it rains or is really hot?
If it rains, the event will be canceled.  If it is a morning event and hot, the event will still run.  It may be canceled if it is an afternoon event and it is over 90 degrees.  Check back to this webpage or the FaceBook event for each walk.
Is there access to water for the dogs?
Most of our walks are in rural areas, so the dogs can sniff and have fun.  We recommend you always bring water for your dog as not all events will have public water available.
Are there restrictions on who can come?
Kids are welcome but must be supervised by adults. They should not approach or pet dogs. Not all events will have wheelchair access.