Plan Your Dog’s Vacation

Are you planning a family vacation and now need to plan the dog’s vacation? According to Google, February 1st is the number one day of the year when people start researching their vacation plans.  This should also be the time you plan your dog’s vacation. Boarding Your Dog Trying to plan care for your dog can be stressful.  Should they stay in your home or go to a boarding facility?  Ultimately, that depends on the dog, but using a boarding … Read More

The Importance of Keeping Your Dog’s Nails at the Appropriate Length

Nail maintenance is a crucial aspect of care that can sometimes be overlooked for your dog. Every dog owner wants to do what is best for their companions to keep them healthy and happy. This is why keeping your dogs’ nails at an appropriate length is important to avoid health concerns. In this blog post, we will explore why nail maintenance is essential. Additionally, we will review how it affects your dog’s health and share tips on conditioning your dog … Read More

Is Puppy Class Important

Is Puppy Class still important in 2024? Talking to people when we are walking dogs around the city for training, we often hear that people think they can just train their dogs using YouTube.  Since online training has become popular, is there really still a need a take an in-person puppy class? Socializing the Right Way The one big thing online training can’t provide is proper socialization.  There is a right way to socialize puppies.  There is also a wrong … Read More

Ensuring a Pawsitively Safe Holiday Season

We must keep our four-legged companions in mind as we deck the halls and indulge in festive feasts! The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness.  Our precious pups are a part of the family, and we want them to share in the holiday spirit.  However, not all aspects of the season are pet-friendly. Consider these safety tips to ensure a safe and happy holiday for your canine family members. Deck the Halls with Caution: Putting ornaments … Read More

Slowing Down With Your New Dog

When it comes to socializing a new dog, it is crucial to understand that you are actually doing more by slowing down. Laurie, the founder of Wags & Wiggles, did a private lesson with a new client who had recently adopted a young dog. This client’s new dog had started growling at people on walks, and she was considering returning the dog. During the background intake, we learned that she had taken her new dog to a dog park, had … Read More

Unleashing Confidence Between Human and Canine

In the world of dog agility, success isn’t just about the canine athlete; it’s also deeply intertwined with the confidence and skills of their handler. Laurie Zurborg, a seasoned competitor in the dog agility circuit, recently participated in a national event that gave her invaluable insights into the intricate dance between humans and canines. The Power of Confidence In any high-stakes competition, confidence is the linchpin of success. Laurie, typically a beacon of assurance, experienced a moment of doubt just … Read More

Fun Fall Enrichment Activities!

It’s time for some fall-filled enrichment for your dog! From outdoor adventures to cozy nights, there are many local and at-home fall enrichment activities that you and your dog can enjoy together. Take a hike! With the changing leaves and cool weather,  Fall is the perfect season for hiking!  Explore your local trails and state parks, or even cruise your neighborhood with your dog. Be sure to bring water and snacks, and always dress you and your dog accordingly.  It … Read More

Breed Spotlight: The Labrador Retriever!

Labrador Retrievers are the most popular breed in California! They were also the number one breed in the United States for 31 years until 2023, when the French Bulldog surpassed them! In our daycare environment, you will likely see Labrador Retrievers wrestling with friends, chasing a ball, getting lots of pets, and even digging in the water bowls (they are water dogs, after all)!  Labrador Retrievers are intelligent, hard-working, silly, and love to learn! These dogs generally weigh between 55 … Read More

7 Back To School Tips For Your Dog

Use our 7 back-to-school tips to help make the adjustment for your family dog a little easier and lessen anxiety. The summer months are a non-stop party for most dogs, with visitors, trips, camping, and kids constantly playing with them.  Some dogs struggle to adjust when they suddenly find themselves home alone. If you recently adopted your dog over the summer or got a puppy, the change can be very upsetting. You can help your dog by implementing these 7 … Read More

5 Signs Your Dog Needs A Job

There are five signs that your dog’s behavior problems are because your dog needs a job. Every dog needs some activity that we call a job or work to lead a fulfilling life. Even if you own a small dog breed, they need “work” and will act out if their needs aren’t met. The good news is there are many ways to satisfy your dog’s job needs. But first, here are the five signs that your dog needs a job. … Read More

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