COVID-19 Updates

June 2, 2020 Current Modified Hours Monday Through Friday 7am – 7pm Saturday and Sunday 8am – 5pm, Late Night Pickup 5pm – 7pm Overnight Boarding and Board and Train available 7 days a week. All departments are fully staffed except for our overnight attendant. Once demand increases for boarding, the overnight staff will be brought back. Dogs are being monitored overnight via non-public webcams until staff are brought back. May 14, 2020 This announcement is for GROUP TRAINING CLASSES.  … Read More

How To AVOID Quarantine Puppy Syndrome

I have been hearing from our clients at Wags & Wiggles, who are worried about the Quarantine Puppy Socialization Syndrome. This Syndrome happens when a puppy isn’t socialized to things that the puppy will meet once Quarantine is over. Some puppies were pre-planned, and some clients decided to get a puppy because the coronavirus forced them to stay home. I even have clients that just finally got their unsocialized dogs used to daycare and making friends, and now coronavirus has … Read More

Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Do you worry about leaving your dog home alone because you feel guilty, get all mushy for those big sad eyes, or worried about the condition of your home once you return?  Separation anxiety in dogs can tear at your heartstrings but it has many solutions. Most dogs can be left home alone during the day and lead happy lives. There is a small population of dogs that can be destructive, house soil or be miserable. However, these are not … Read More

Is Your Dog Ready For Face Masks?

In this world of corona virus, there will be a new normal for your dog who will see people everywhere wearing face masks and gloves.  Is your dog ready for a world with face masks? Humans will look dramatically different outside. With this change happening so suddenly it can really spook your dog when they go for walks or when people come over to the house. Logically, you will understand that a face mask doesn’t turn people into monsters.  Dog’ … Read More

Wags Owner Qualifies for World Team Agility Tryouts!

You may know Laurie Zurborg, owner of Wags and Wiggles, as the dog nanny that created Disneyland for your dog. She also has a passion for the sport of Dog Agility! Laurie has represented the USA on World Agility Team twice before, traveling to Italy and Netherlands. Laurie started training her first Agility dog in 1995. Dog Agility has changed a lot in that time — it is even being considered for the Olympics. Her first Agility dog, Foster, an Australian Shepherd/Springer … Read More

Meet Journey, the Latest Wags & Wiggles Rescue!

Wags & Wiggles has a new rescue up for adoption! Journey is a beautiful tri-colored, female purebred Australian Shepherd. She is a spunky 1-year-old rescue that is still discovering the world. This sweet girl was originally owned by a college student who adored her, but just did not have time for her. She is currently enrolled in our Board & Train program at our Tustin facility. We hope to have a new forever home lined up by the time she … Read More

Dog Daycare Drains the Swamp

Dog daycare has many benefits for dogs and the humans who live with them. Behaviors that your dog has that you may find annoying are genetically hard-wired into their brain. As early as 2 weeks of age, you can see puppies already wrestling and biting each other as part of their environmental exploration. Dogs who aren’t provided an outlet for their natural desires will start to build up tension. Dog daycare can drain the swamp of pent up energy, bringing harmony back to … Read More

6 Ways to Calm Your Reactive Dog

Reactivity is when a dog over reacts to things in their environment. These reactions can include: barking, lunging, and growling. However, these reactions do not make a dog “aggressive.” Reactivity is not uncommon in dogs. It may stem from the dog’s genetic make-up or could be from a lack of social experience or a particularly scary experience. Having a reactive dog can be difficult to handle. It makes it hard to go out on walks, to the park, or being … Read More

The New Puppy Guide!

Did you recently get a new puppy, but have no clue where to start on introducing it into its new life? This guide is a master list of all of our puppy training resources – from old blog posts, to training programs we offer. We want to help you raise your puppy to be the dog you’ve always dreamed of. Where to Start? Bringing a new puppy home and introducing them into your life is not always easy. Puppies require … Read More

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