Snooze The Night Away

10% OFF First Boarding Stay

After playing with friends, lounging in the sun, having constant human interaction, and giving the toys a good tug, the dogs are ready for a soft, quiet place to sleep the night away. Our overnight areas are air-conditioned, clean, quiet, and set up to help dogs feel calm and safe. Our facilities are staffed 24-7 for supervision and safety.

You only need to bring your dog's food and medication - we supply the rest! We provide all amenities, including Kuranda beds, fleece pads, orthopedic bedding, blankets, bowls, toys, chews, and bones.

Large 4' x 6' suites available

Small 4' x 4' suites available

Spacious puppy pens

Our Boarding Fees are all-inclusive.  We don't charge to give medications, feed home-brought food, clean up baths (we do charge for exit baths), naps, special care one-on-one play, or quick train enrichment activities.  All of these are included in our normal fees. All dogs receive a full day of play unless a modified day is needed.

Trainers can provide complimentary introductions to the play yards to ensure your dog feels safe, happy, and successful.

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Pup-grade Your Dog's Stay!

Frozen Kong -
PB & Banana or Tuna Salad

10 Minute Walk
Outside Our Facility

Treadmill, Private Ball Play,
Fit Paws Equipment

Complete Training Program
Including Lessons for You

10 Minute Brush Out - For Dogs That Mat Easily

30 Min - With A Certified
Trainer to Work on Behavior

10 Min Quiet Time with
Your Dog's Favorite Staffer

Cuddle, Chew & Walk
All In One Day

Full Brush

Boarding Requirements:

All dogs must complete our Meet & Greet process and first (free!) day of daycare before any boarding stay can be booked

Up-to-date bordetella, rabies, and distemper/parvo (DHPP) vaccinations

A fecal test done within the past year showing a clean (negative) result

All dogs must be spayed/neutered over 10 months of age

Reservations are required for boarding

If your dog is 10 years of age or older, please contact us by phone prior to scheduling your Meet & Greet in order to discuss your individual needs. We want to make sure the group play environment is right for your dog!

Boarding Fees

Our overnight fee is $25 per night, per dog. Daycare fees are separate and vary between $42 to $55 per day for 1 dog. You can avoid some daycare charges by adjusting your pick up and drop off times. Please note - there is always a minimum half-day daycare charge for an overnight stay.

For families with multiple dogs, we provide specialized discounted quotes. Just ask!

24/7 Monitoring, Veterinarian On Call

Our facilities are staffed 24 hours per day. We offer late pick up until 9:00 pm every day of the week for an extra fee. Dogs play in our daycare areas all day with a final potty at 10:00 pm.

Our dedicated team members monitor every dog's activity, eating habits, health, weight, medications and overall well-being. All dogs are hand fed individually as it gives us one-on-one bonding time with them outside of the play yard.

Daily Roll Call is a hands-on, nose-to-tail check every single day. All of our Waggers are given paper name bands in order to properly track health and food allergies. Nap time, outside walks, and special requests are welcome!

We offer report cards with photos and videos. You can even watch your pup in action on our live doggie cameras!

Cancellation Policy

We require 72 hours notice to cancel any boarding reservation and 24 hours notice to cancel any daycare reservation.

You must cancel your boarding reservation 72 hours prior to your check-in date. If you give less than 72 hours notice, there will be an $80 cancellation fee per dog.

While you can cancel, change, or add reservations in Gingr, it will not allow you to cancel within the 72-hour period prior to your check-in. You will need to cancel over the phone within the 72-hour window.