Board & Train Programs

Every dog can learn, no matter the age, breed, or history!

Looking for a complete, all-in-one training package?

If so, then our Board and Train program is for you! Our Board and Train programs are the most intensive training programs we offer.

We will help you attain your dog training goals through leadership and positive reinforcement. We use a combination of food, praise, toys, real life rewards, and clicker training.

Our CDPT-KA certified dog trainers will tailor your training experience to fit your goals and lifestyle. They will guide you every step of the way!

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Puppy Board and Train Packages

We are expert puppy raisers and take special care raising and training puppies! They leave the program wanting to work for their people.

Our Board & Train program will help instill basic manners like house training, crate training and keeping a schedule, in addition to all the basic obedience cues you'll need.

We ensure our puppy clients meet all their socialization and developmental needs through outings, rest periods, confidence building through Fit Paws Equipment, and even spending a session attending puppy class.

Adult Dog Board and Train Packages

Whether your dog has grown up in your family or has been recently adopted, we can tailor a training program to fit any need.

We can overcome bad habits, dog anxiety, dog aggression, and more! We can also instill good behavior and basic dog obedience.

Training Details

Our standard programs are one, two to four weeks long, but we can create custom time lengths. Our KickStart 1 week program is the most economical. We offer discounts to our Training for Life students, rescue groups, and repeat Board and Train clients.

Board and Train programs include:

Please contact us with any questions or schedule a tour of our facility!