Become a Wagger!

In order to ensure all our canine clientele enjoy their time in daycare with us, we require all new clients to come in for a meet and greet!

Meet and greets are done by appointment only and are required prior to any daycare or boarding stay.

You must book your meet and greet for the facility you plan to use. If you need an immediate appointment and don't see a time slot available, please contact us!

Use our online appointment maker by selecting the facility you wish to use:


Step 1 of Meet & Greet

During your meet and greet appointment, we will introduce your dog to our team members and a couple of doggie friends! This helps us properly assess your dog and determine any special needs your dog may have.  You will receive a full tour.

If your dog is shy, nervous, overly excited, has allergies, or needs special attention, we'll know best how to introduce them to the pack!

If your dog is 10 years of age or older, please contact us by phone prior to scheduling your meet & greet in order to discuss your individual needs.

Step 2 of Meet & Greet (First Day Free)

Most clients combine their Meet & Greet and First Day Free.  However, these can be done separately if you would just like a tour or are waiting on vaccines.

The First Day Free will allow your dog to enter a play group.  We recommend at least three to four hours on the first day of daycare, but your dog is welcome to stay all day if you wish!

We cannot book future daycare or overnight boarding stays until the first day of daycare is completed.

When You Arrive

When you arrive for your interview, please have your dog on leash. You are welcome to bring treats!

Setting up your account online through Gingr prior to your meet & greet arrival will save you time.  You can choose old school paperwork if you wish.

Bring a copy of your dog's vaccination records (see vaccine requirements below) and proof of a clean fecal test done within the past year with you to your appointment!  They can't stay for First Day Free without it.

If you can't find your vaccination or fecal records, we would be happy to call your vet!

Daycare & Boarding Entrance Requirements

  • Your dog must complete our Meet and Greet (by appointment only)
  • Must be at least 3 months of age and have received at least two sets of vaccinations
  • Must be spayed or neutered if over 10 months of age
  • Must be current on all required vaccinations including:
    • The Distemper/Parvo combination vaccination (often abbreviated as DHPP or DAPPV)
    • Bordetella vaccination
    • Rabies vaccination for dogs 4 months and older
    • Vaccine titers acceptable except for Rabies.
  • A fecal test done within the past year showing a clean (negative) result.   We only require a standard flotation fecal test.
  • If your dog is 10 years of age or older, please contact us by phone prior to scheduling your meet & greet in order to discuss your individual needs. We want to make sure the group play environment is right for your dog!
  • Must be able to sit on verbal word or hand signal
  • Must be in good health and flea/tick free
  • Must be non-aggressive and not protective over toys
  • Must have never bitten another animal or person
  • You must have owned the dog for at least 14-30 days depending on your situation to ensure good health
  • If recently adopted, your dog must be seen by your vet before coming to daycare
  • We accept all breeds and sizes, except purebred Pit Bulls. We do accept Pit mixes (subject to interview like all other dogs).
    • While we do not accept Pit Bulls in the daycare, we do LOVE the breed and they are welcome in any of our training programs!