Doggie Daycare Designed by Dog Behavior Experts

Every Dog's First Day Is FREE!

All sizes and friendly playstyles. Our 30,000 sq ft campuses allow dogs to run and play freely.

Our registration process is EASY! This carefully arranged introduction to our pack makes the first day as stress free as possible. Playgroups and Activities can be customized.

The Wags & Wiggles Difference is the level of supervision. Our Staff to Dog Ratio is the highest of all OC Daycares. Caring staff are well-organized, extensively educated, and highly dedicated.

Doggie Daycare
Daily Schedule

Wags & Wiggles is unique. Quick Train Sessions teach dogs to come to their name and sit in the playgroup. Geniuses try down stays on mats and tricks. Dogs can be removed from Quick Train due to food allergy. Bring a lunch, request a nap, all included.

Days are scheduled for active periods and rest periods. Yappy Hour breaks up the pack into groups to receive specialized games.

Daily Daycare Schedule:

  • Morning Play Time
  • Quick Train Sessions
  • Yappy Hour
  • Nap Time or Snack Time (if requested)
  • Afternoon Play Time
  • Yappy Hour
  • Quick Train Sessions
  • Regular Closing Time (owner pickup or overnight boarding)
  • Late Night Pickup to 9pm
  • Last Potty For Boarding Dogs 10pm

Peace of Mind

Play Groups are 100% Supervised.  Vaccines, medical concerns, behavior history, & requests are all tracked with a specially designed management system. Communication between the staff, our managers, and you is a number one priority.


Most Waggers love our prepaid discount passes. Track your days left with our online software Gingr.  Receive complimentary online reports with photos and videos.


Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.  Giving the Human end of the leash comfort to see their dog in action. View our Webcams