We require the following procedures from our pet parents when checking food and medications. These requirements will ensure your dog is fed and medicated like at home.

Food Do's: 

- Food should be prepackaged into serving-size quantities. Ziplock bags or small containers are preferred—one meal per bag. We can return bags if possible to prevent waste. Prepackaged bags eliminate the error of cups vs. scoops or rounded cups vs. flat cups.

- Label each bag or container with your dog’s name, your last name, and breakfast/lunch/dinner.

- All Food must be in a sealed bag or container by health code.

- Vitamins / Supplements may be placed inside food

- Bring toppers to help your dog to eat. Being in a different environment can make dogs picky. Canned food, commercial toppers, cooked chicken pieces, and broth are typical. Pet parents are required to bring their own toppers.

- If food is frozen, try to package it in serving size if possible. If food is refrigerated, it should be in serving-size quantities

- Bring extra meals in case your dog loses weight, or your return is delayed

Food Dont's: 

- Do not bring a giant bag of food or dog food storage plastic bins. It is difficult to tell if you brought enough food. Our food storage areas are small.

- Do not place medication mixed with the food.

- Do not change your dog’s Food right before or during boarding. This can cause stomach upset.

- Food can’t be in an open grocery bag or trash bag. Food is required to be sealed by health code.


- Medications should be brought in the bottle given to you by your veterinarian. This allows us to verify medication, dosage, and frequency.

- If you no longer have the bottle, please use a pill organizer.

- If you ask us to give the medication in a different dosage than what the bottle says, you must either change it on the bottle or give us written directions.

- Please have the medication already cut in half if needed.

PLEASE NOTE: You are REQUIRED to bring something to give your dog its medication in. Pill Pockets can be purchased on Amazon. Kraft cheese singles or wet food work well.

We do not pill dogs manually to prevent injuries to staff and dogs.

Wags & Wiggles reserves the right to charge a fee for pill pockets if nothing is brought to give pills in.