Employee Spotlight – Meet Zed!

Everyone, Meet Zed! Zed is originally from Pennsylvania. He got his degree in Education and Psychology at Shippensburg University and worked in behavioral health with children and adults with autism. While Zed was moving out to California back in 2015, he stayed with some friends in Colorado. His friends had 3 dogs who were not sociable with other dogs. Zed worked with these 3 dogs and his own dog, Boh, and by the end of the day, all of the … Read More

Is Your Dog a Target Dog?

It’s pretty hard to spot a target dog just by looking at them. Generally, they are very good dogs! They listen well and want to be right. They often have something sweet or special about them that people are drawn to. Unfortunately, they tend to be consistently bullied by other dogs. What’s a target dog? A target dog is a dog that is routinely picked on or bullied by other dogs. No matter what they do, it seems target dogs … Read More

5 Signs of Resource Guarding in Puppies

Resource guarding is when a dog protects his or her food, toys, bones, people, car, personal space, or anything else he or she finds to be important. Dogs can guard things from other dogs, people, or both other dogs and people. Resource guarding is a common behavior in many dogs and ranges from mild to severe. Genetics play a strong role in whether a dog will resource guard. You can often spot signs of resource guarding in puppies as young … Read More

4 Fun, Dog Friendly Things to do in Orange County

The weather has been beautiful lately here in sunny Orange County, making it a perfect time to get out and do more with your dog. Here are some of our favorite dog friendly places to visit and some of our favorite things to do with our pups: 1. Dog Beaches Soak up the sun and take your dog to the beach! Many beaches around here allow dogs year-round, though certain beaches restrict dog access during specific hours throughout the summer … Read More

Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Car – 5 Dos and Don’ts

Warmer, sunny weather means more frequent dog park and dog beach visits and traveling with your dog both around and out of town. Whether you’re just bringing your dog to daycare for the day or going on a long road trip, keeping your dog safe in the car is super important! Here are 5 dos and don’ts for doing just that. 1. DO Give Your Pup Plenty of Breaks Just like humans, canines need plenty of food, water, and potty … Read More

8 Ways to Prevent Dog Fights From Happening at Home

I’ve been going to several homes lately for private dog training lessons for inter-pack dog aggression resulting in dog fights. Dog owners often add new dogs to their homes around the holidays, and it’s not always a match made in heaven. Aggression can start at any time, and for any reason. Adding a new dog to the pack can certainly shake things up, but conflict can also arise between dogs that have lived together for years. Perhaps the warning signs … Read More

Can I Train My Dog Online?

Wags & Wiggles Online Dog Training Classroom Online dog training classes are the latest resource for dog owners, allowing access to certified professional trainers who are highly skilled and current in the latest methods without having to travel or change their work schedule to attend class. For 20 years, Wags & Wiggles has run group training classes in Orange County, California. Owners Laurie Zurborg and Ranaye Kahn have helped new puppy owners transform their barking, jumping, and nipping puppies into wonderful … Read More

How to Potty Train a Puppy Fast

I am in the process of potty training the newest dog in my home. Between the dogs I have owned, rescue dogs, and client’s dogs, I have completed the potty training process for around 50 dogs in my home. I have learned many tricks to make the process go fast! Pick the Spot If you want to potty train your puppy fast, pick a spot that is appealing to them. Sniffing and moving around is what stimulates a dog to potty. If you … Read More

Dog Breed Spotlight: The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Dog Breed Spotlight: The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cavalier King Charles are sweet, loving, and are affectionately called the “love sponges” of dogs! In our daycare environment, you can typically find them playing nicely, napping, or cuddling with our team members. In fact, we often recruit our regular Cavaliers to help out new Waggers during Meet & Greet appointments! Cavalier King Charles are ranked #19 in popularity according to the AKC, making them super popular in the United States. They … Read More

Dog Breed Spotlight: The Vizsla

Dog Breed Spotlight: The Vizsla Vizslas are cute, spunky, and energetic. In our daycare environment, you can usually find them chasing after a ball or loving on our team members! Vizslas are ranked #31 in popularity according to the AKC, making them one of the more popular breeds of dogs. History The ancestors of the modern-day Vizsla were excellent hunters that specialized in finding and retrieving game both in and out of water. These early Vizslas were first bred by … Read More

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