Setting Your Dog Up For Success to Attend Daycare

Setting your dog up for success to attend daycare is important!

Dog Daycare provides your dog with enrichment, socialization, and an outlet for their energy.

However, it can sometimes be overwhelming if the dog does not take the necessary steps beforehand.  The goal is to have your daycare facility be a place where your dog feels safe and happy being at. That is why preparing your dog before going into daycare is essential.

We often have clients who come in for their Meet and Greet and have waited too long to get their dog started at our facility.  If you need daycare or boarding, preparing ahead of time will help ease the stress for you and your dog.

Puppies should start being introduced to the daycare facility as soon as they are ready for vaccines.

Although, introducing your puppy to the daycare facility does not mean they have to start daycare immediately!  A great place to start is to attend a couple of group puppy classesPuppy Classes will help boost their confidence and begin socialization with other puppies of the same age.  Completing your First Day Free after participating in Puppy Class will help your dog transition into a happy and playful pup in daycare.

If your dog is an older rescue, starting with a group obedience class is also great.

Beginning with a group obedience class will help them be familiar with the facility and control themselves better while other dogs are around.

If your dog is nervous or anxious, a Puppy Raising Program will benefit a dog no matter their age.  During their training, the trainer would work on building their confidence and get them acclimated to being in the playgroup.

Another way to ensure your dog is prepared for daycare is to practice their handling skills.

If you have a puppy, start getting them used to handling as soon as you can.  It is crucial that your dog is comfortable with being handled by both their owner and other people.  While your dog is in daycare, daycare staff need to be able to put a name tag on them and leash them up when needed.

Getting your dog used to everyday things in different environments will help transition those activities to daycare.

Doing things like taking treats, eating meals, or playing with toys are all things your dog will do while at daycare.  Practicing these activities in new places will help make doing these things at daycare more comfortable.

Taking your dog on fun field trips in the car to do those activities is a bonus!  That way, they have positive experiences in the car.  They also know that they are on their way to go somewhere fun and get treats!

Making sure your dog has positive experiences with other people outside the home and without their owners will help it ease into daycare.

Most of the time, owners only socialize their dogs while they are with them.  When that is the case, it can be hard to transition to socializing without their owners.

One way to help your dog to learn to socialize away from you is to have sleepovers at a friend or family member’s home!  Even if the dog has visited that home, exploring without their owner will be an all-new experience.

All of these different activities and paths will help set your dog up for success to go to a daycare facility. Plus, it’s lots of fun for you and your dog along the way!

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  • Thank you for talking about what your dog will be doing at daycare. I want to get my first dog this month but I will need to take her to daycare during the weekdays. I will find a great place for dog training classes as well to prepare her.

    • It’s a good idea to take your pets to socialization or daycare services to improve their behavior and manners.
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