The New Puppy Guide!

Did you recently get a new puppy, but have no clue where to start on introducing it into its new life?

This guide is a master list of all of our puppy training resources – from old blog posts, to training programs we offer. We want to help you raise your puppy to be the dog you’ve always dreamed of.

Where to Start?

Bringing a new puppy home and introducing them into your life is not always easy. Puppies require a lot of patience and attention. Before you bring your puppy home, you should make sure to all of the necessities ready for a puppy.

Read “Top 5 Things to do When Bringing Home a New Puppy” to learn about how to introduce your dog to your home and establish a daily routine with them.

When helping your puppy get settled at home, the biggest part of your routine that you need to build on immediately is potty training. Your puppy is going to need to go to the bathroom often, and you need to create a game plan on how you are going to tackle potty training quickly. Read “How to Potty Train a Puppy Fast” to see how it can be done.

Learn More About Your New Puppy

Once you have an understanding on where to start, the next thing is to learn more about your puppy’s behavior and what they are like.

See what they might be fearful of and determine how you can help them get past their fear. Read the post “When Vacuums Attack! How to Help Your Puppy Overcome Fear” to learn about how dogs develop fears and what you can do to help them overcome them.

Also look for signs of undesirable behavior. A common one many puppy parents discover is resource guarding. Their puppy often does not have an understanding of socialization and what behaviors are acceptable or not. To them, resource guarding can be seen as a normal behavior. However, it can actually be harmful to others.

Read the post “5 Signs of Resource Guarding in Puppies” to see the signs your puppy is showing for this unwanted behavior, and learn about what you can do to stop it.

Get Them Socialized Early!

Socialization is important in a puppy’s development. Well-socialized puppies usually develop into safer, more relaxed and enjoyable pet dogs. They become less likely to behave fearfully or aggressively when faced with something new.

Many people are afraid of socializing their puppy because of diseases they could catch while in public, but do not let that deter you from wanting to take your puppy out to interact with the outside world. Keeping them sheltered can do harm to their social skills.

Read more about how to socialize your puppy in our blog post “A Short Guide on Puppy Socialization.

Bringing your puppy to daycare can also help build their socialization skills. They get the opportunity to interact with other puppies and dogs of all sizes and breeds. This helps your puppy learn what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior when around other dogs. Learn about a puppy’s first-hand experience in daycare in the post “Benefits of Dog Daycare for Puppies – Logic’s Daycare Story.

Training is Everything!

Puppies are energetic little balls of joy! They love running around, playing, and learning new things. Their brains are like sponges when they are such a young age, and they are always eager to discover the world and what it has to offer.

That’s why training your puppy can be beneficial for you and them. You get to teach them how to be calm and obedient, and they get to learn new tricks and behaviors that will keep their minds stimulated.

The best way to start off training is by teaching your puppy some basic cues. Find out what those cues are in the post “Your Puppy’s First 5 Training Cues.

There are other resources you can use for training your puppy. Group puppy classes allows your dog to learn new cues, build their confidence, and socialize with other dogs all in one hour!

You can also participate in a Puppy Raising Program. This program allows your dog to come to daycare either three times or five times a week for 4 consecutive weeks. They will receive two training lessons a day from certified trainers, one group puppy class, a parent-teacher conference, and access to our online classroom.

Our Board & Train program is similar to Puppy Raising, where they receive the same benefits as the other program, but your puppy will board with us between one to four weeks.

You can also do private training lessons. This is a great option for families or those who have shy, wild, or aggressive puppies. Certified trainers determine what is the trigger for the dog's unwanted behavior. They use a combination of management, alternative behaviors, and calming techniques to change the behavior. We offer in-home and in-facility options.

Lastly, you can always take training into your own hands and join Wags & Wiggles' Online Classroom. We offer Online Classroom Memberships perfect for parents who want to do training themselves from the comfort of their home. We offer a Puppy Obedience Membership that features the essential training lessons puppies need, including: crate training, leash walking, socialization, and more!

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