Free Canine Enrichment: “Push It: Level 3”

Push It: Level 3

The aim of the game "Push It: Level 3" is to challenge your dog to search for their treat and build their confidence.


  • This is best played off-leash in a secured environment


  • Food or treats
  • Paper tray for drinks
  • Balls (around the size of tennis balls)
  • Paper cups
  • Paper towel (only for dogs who do not eat it)

Step by Step

  1. Start with the easiest object for your dog to push -- the ball. Place the treats inside the tray hole, and then set the ball on top. Do not push the balls into the holes. We want the dog to be able to easily push it off.
  2. Hold on to the tray to help your dog be able to push the balls out easier.
  3. Then, use the paper cups. Place a treat in the hole, then set the cup upright over it. Allow it to be loose in the hole so your dog can push it out pretty easily.
  4. We are going to use the cups again, but this time place them upside down. Push them into the holes so they are snug and harder for your dog to move. You may need to help your dog with pulling the cups out. You can loosen them a little if your dog is struggling.

If your dog gets stuck:

  • Dislodge the ball or cup slightly so it is easier to push out of the way.
  • Put more treats or better tasting treats under the ball so they try harder.
  • Change the size of the cup or ball to make it easier.
  • Increase your verbal encouragement!

Try this!

If your dog does not eat paper, try this challenge!

  1. Take paper towel or just regular paper, and place treats in the middle of them. Twist them up, and place them in the paper tray.
  2. Let your dog pull them out and open them up. It is okay if they tear the paper, just make sure they do not eat it!

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