Available for Adoption: Billy the Kid!

Billy The Kid is a 6-month-old purebred Keeshond looking for his forever home!

He was unfortunately born with a foreleg deformity due to the umbilical cord being wrapped tightly around his wrist in utero. As a result, he had an umbilical hernia (which has been surgically repaired), and his left wrist joint was damaged.

He is not in pain. He has no idea that he is impaired in any way! Billy is a very well-bred, happy, active Keeshond. Although he cannot be a show dog or agility dog, he can be someone’s wonderful pet and can participate in obedience and rallyadopt

Billy is very special and will need a person who doesn’t mind being followed from room to room by this smart, stunning little critter.

He is used to living with other dogs and cats. A home with no stairs or pool would probably be best.  Billy is very active and loves to go for walks, chase the ball, or be in any social environment.

Billy has been cared for in a loving environment at the breeder's home but is ready to find his own home.  If you want to learn more or meet Billy, please email Kris Arnds at KArnds@aol.com.

Billy is a brother to Laurie's Puppy Spy,. We know there is a special Wags Family that would open their hearts to a special needs dog.

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