New Year, New Doggie Daycare

It's a New Year, and we want to welcome all our new and existing clients back to our fully renovated doggie daycare locations!


The last two years of surviving the pandemic have been an enormous strain. In the beginning, closing forever was on the table for consideration. However, we could not throw away 23 years of hard work and dedication to our community.

Besides, we are having too much fun! We decided to double down and work on projects we had been putting off. We have some exciting projects for the new year that are still top secret.


Jan 2022, RSM has just finished its big dog indoor play area renovation.

It was a big undertaking, but the room was ready for a fresh look after 20 years at this building!

There is still some touch-up and finishing to be done but we were so excited to show you.

The flooring was specially designed for Wags & Wiggles. It is seamless with the perfect traction from the floor all the way up the walls and around our safety gates.  Our sanitation protocols will be much easier to follow.

In total, we have completed almost 40,000 sq ft of freshly updated play areas for Orange County dogs to spend their time.

Check out the transformation!

In early 2021, it started with Tustin remodeling their big dog play area. Then, in summer 2021, RSM remodeled their outside play area. Fall 2021, Tustin remodeled their small dog play area.

We upgraded our webcams for quality and seamless streaming directly from our website.

In 2021, we celebrated 351 birthdays!

We welcomed 2,156 new First Day Free dogs!

We educated 1,761 puppies in our puppy classes and 3,360 dogs in our obedience series!

We bought 250 new toys for the play areas! We made too many best friends to count.

The Rancho Santa Margarita location is ready for your return.

Our transition area is back open for the rowdy dogs that need specialized playgroups. Our segregated, well-supervised playgroups are here to welcome the shy, the bold, the new, the old, and everyone in-between!

Your dog misses their friends!

They miss the staff they have grown up around. We did have some staff members move across the country, like many people. However, we still have many senior staff members that you and your dog love, along with new staff with fresh energy.

Remember, it is important to keep your dog familiar with daycare if you have plans to board them. Bringing your dog back to daycare is the best way to get your dog ready for your upcoming boarding trips in the new year.

Our daycare continues to lead the industry with quick trains and enrichment as part of our everyday schedule.

Our staff to dog ratio remains the highest in the county. Because of this, you will never see a play yard full of dogs with one staff member. We work as a team to provide the highest quality of care. Our happy employees receive competitive wages and benefits, and many consider this their long-time career.


We are so excited about our upcoming training seminars in 2022!

Bobbie Lyons is back presenting on Canine Fitness and Conditioning.

Wags & Wiggles uses her curriculum for all of our Sport Dog classes!  These exercises are great for all age ranges and activity levels.  Dogs must be medically sound with no injuries.

Where: Tustin Facility
When: Friday, April 15th, Saturday, April 17th, & Sunday, April 18th, 2022
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, registration begins at 8:15 am
Cost: $199 - Working spot, $50 - to Audit


Anna Eifert is in OC to do a 3-day agility seminar.

The seminar will be held at an outdoor OC location on grass, hosted by Wags & Wiggles.  We will be offering young dog/beginners, advanced/masters, and international days.

Anna's seminar will run from June 10th - 12th.

We will be announcing the location soon!

We hope that in 2022 our clients will focus on their dog's physical and mental health; this includes socialization and exercise. Wags & Wiggles can be your partner in this journey.

Wags & Wiggles will continue to follow the current CDC and state Coronavirus guidelines to ensure that we keep our staff and clients safe.

We want to thank all of our Waggers, current and new, for the continued love, support, and patience that you have shown us over the years. We cant wait to show you what we have in store in the new year!

Laurie & Ranaye, your loyal owners

2 Responses

  • Thank you, Laurie and Ranaye for all the upgrades and hard work put into to your wonderful facility. Sasha started a another facility three years ago as a puppy and was always coming home sick so I pulled her out. As I thought with my last dog, this doesn’t work so she will just stay home. After my last dog not being socialized, it was tough and I didn’t have the heart to go through that again so I found Wags. I came in extremely nervous but noticed you required much more info from the vet and that was a plus for me. The staff welcomed us with open arms and made us feel so comfortable and Sasha is one happy girl. Thank you and the friendly staff for all that you do and Sasha can’t wait to play in upgraded play facility!!!
    Love, Sasha and Family. 🐾💕🐾

  • Y’all’s at RSM already know this, but you’re the best thing in the world for Mona. You have helped and continue to help make her a wonderful dog. Thank you!

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