Dog Breed Spotlight: The Havanese!

Havanese are intelligent, funny, social, and outgoing dogs!

In our daycare environment, you would most likely see our Havenese cuddled up in the staff's arms, chasing after a ball, or wrestling with their best friend!  Because Havanese tend to be so social and sweet, we often recruit them to help out new Waggers during Meet & Greet appointments!

We love our Havenese so much that we also built our Tiny Town, just for small dogs.

Although they are a newly recognized breed, they are ranked #25 in popularity according to the AKC!

These dogs generally weigh between 8 - 13 pounds and have a life expectancy of 14 - 16 years!



Havanese are named after their place of origin, Havana, Cuba, and are part of the Bichon family.  Although the AKC did not officially recognize their breed until 1996, they are believed to have been around since the 1600s!  They were once known as the Havana Silk Dog or the Spanish Silk Poodle.

Throughout history, royals and aristocrats have owned small lap dogs as companions.  The Havanese was the dog of choice for many of Cuba's wealthy households.

In 1959, when Cuba's revolution began, many Cubans fled their country to come to America.  However, they did not leave their precious Havanese behind when they fled!  Although the breed numbers did go down once Cubans fled their country, American fans of the breed helped to create the Havanese we all love today!

Ernest Hemingway and Charles Dickes have famously owned Havanese in history!


Havanese are excellent family dogs!  They are affectionate, good with children and other dogs, and intelligent!  They love to play and seem to have endless energy when you want to play.  However, when you're ready to be a couch potato, so are they!

Having a routine for your dog is always good, but a Havanese would be happy to go with the flow!  They want to be involved with whatever you are doing.  Because of their adaptable nature, Havanese would also make an excellent dog for someone living in a big (or not so big) city.

Havanese love to train!  They do best using positive reinforcement training due to their willingness to work and sweet nature.  It is also important to socialize this breed to curb any signs of separation anxiety.


These dogs do require to be brushed regularly and will need to be professionally groomed often.  They have a naturally long, silky coat that will get tangled and matted if not properly taken care of.  You will see Havanese with all sorts of different coat lengths!  Some owners prefer to keep their coats short, while others let it grow long.

They also need their eyes wiped often to prevent tear stains.

Havanese require moderate exercise.  They are happy with a daily walk, playing in the yard, or having a short spurt of zoomies around the house!  They are just delighted to be with you!

This breed is generally healthy overall.  However, they can be predisposed to eye disorders, heart murmurs, and patellar luxation.  Therefore, when looking to add a Havanese to your family, it is crucial to research potential breeders that test and screen for genetic health problems.

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