June 15 Mask Update

As of June 15, California is releasing some of the restrictions in place for masks and social distancing.  Wags & Wiggles will slowly be releasing some of its restrictions as well.  Due to the high volume of clients and employees, we plan to take a slow-release approach to make sure everyone can comfortably use our services.

Clients who are vaccinated will no longer be required to wear a mask when dropping off or picking dogs.  Clients who are vaccinated will no longer be required to wear a mask in most of our classes.  There are a couple of instructors who are at higher risk and will still require masks for all students.  Please check before signing up.

Any client who is not vaccinated will still be required to wear a mask at our business.  This will be on the honor system and we will not require proof of vaccination.

Our employees will continue to wear masks until OSHA releases its final recommendations.

We will continue some of our social distancing guidelines for the short future:

  1.  We will continue to limit the number of clients who are in our lobby at any given time.  We are doing this for a few reasons.  Our lobbies can get congested during busy drop-off or pick-up times.  This causes people and dogs to get too close to each other.  Many of our clients have not practiced good leash handling in tight quarters for over a year now and we don't want dog to dog confrontations in our lobby. We also want our higher-risk clients to feel comfortable not walking into a congested space.
  2. We will allow more than one client at a time in our lobby now but we will still be limiting the number.  Clients will still call from the parking lot and be allowed in 2 or 3 at a time.  This should dramatically reduce the waiting time for our clients.  We will be trying a few different things over the next few weeks so please be patient as we figure out a good new system.
  3. We are still only allowing 2 people per dog in our group classes.

As the state continues to release restrictions and people become more used to getting back to normal life, we will continue to adjust our policies.

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  • I like this article about the mask update and I agree with you mask should be worn and restriction be lifted gradually inspite of the mandate to be vaccinated or not Thanks for your input.

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