5 Signs Your Dog Needs A Job

There are five signs that your dog's behavior problems are because your dog needs a job.

Every dog needs some activity that we call a job or work to lead a fulfilling life. Even if you own a small dog breed, they need "work" and will act out if their needs aren't met. The good news is there are many ways to satisfy your dog's job needs. But first, here are the five signs that your dog needs a job.

1. Pack Problems

The Number 1 Sign, your dog, needs a job is a conflict in the home between dogs. As a dog is growing up through the stages of puppyhood (8 weeks to 6 months), adolescence (6 months to 1 year), and early adulthood (1 - 2 years), their behavior can change a lot upsetting the other dogs in the household. Most owners are good about starting puppy training but stop once the dog is potty trained and can be off-leash. Then the new dog starts focusing its energy on the other dogs in the house versus paying attention to the owner. Chasing, face licking, body blocking, and stealing toys are typical bored dogs behaviors that can lead to dog fights. Getting your dog back into training and giving it a job will change its focus and prevent fighting.

2. Demand Barking

The 2nd sign your dog needs a job is excessive barking. Depending on your dog's breed, barking may occur due to pent-up energy from a lack of work. This problem behavior often happens in the afternoons and evenings after the dog has slept all day and now needs to work.

3. Pulling On The Leash

The 3rd sign your dog needs a job is pulling on the leash. Keeping a loose leash requires a level of focus that a dog without a job doesn't have. All their excess energy comes out with thoughtless pulling on the leash.

4. Zoomies

The 4th sign your dog needs a job is a behavior called Zoomies. Your dog may come up with its own race track in the house or the yard. The dog often won't respond to your cues or stop when asked. Their brain is gone, and their body takes over, often running over people and furniture in its way.

5. Biting

The 5th sign your dog needs a job is biting. Biting can happen during couch cuddles or playtime. The dog gets over-aroused from a lack of work, and biting happens. By giving your dog a job, you can drain the desire to bite before it happens.

Providing a job for your dog will depend mainly on what your dog enjoys.

The job should be something that is physically and mentally stimulating for them. It may also depend on if you want to provide the "work" at home or are willing to take them to class.

To provide a job, here are some good things to start with:

At-Home Canine Enrichment Course

In-Facility Agility Course

At-Home K9 Nose Work Course

In-Facility Classes

At-Home Sport Dog Course



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