7 Back To School Tips For Your Dog

Use our 7 back-to-school tips to help make the adjustment for your family dog a little easier and lessen anxiety.

The summer months are a non-stop party for most dogs, with visitors, trips, camping, and kids constantly playing with them.  Some dogs struggle to adjust when they suddenly find themselves home alone. If you recently adopted your dog over the summer or got a puppy, the change can be very upsetting. You can help your dog by implementing these 7 Back To School tips a few weeks before the change.

Signs your dog is not adjusting are pacing, whining, or howling during the family's absence. You may find household items like rugs moved about. Regression in potty training or increased mouthiness when you return home, are signs your dog was anxious while left alone.

1. Establish A New Back To School Routine

Instead of allowing your dog to go on all the family errands and outings, start keeping them home at least a couple of days a week so they can get used to a new routine.  If you plan to use a crate or xpen to limit your dog's freedom, start having them use that area now.  This is a handy tip to prevent potty accidents.  If you wait to see if your dog is going to have accidents to confine them, it will be harder to fix the problem.

2. Change Bedtime 

If the family will adjust bedtime and wake-up time for back-to-school, you can start that now for your dog.  This way, not everything is changing at once in your dog's life. Your dog may get restless if bedtime is getting earlier.

3. Desensitize Leaving

Dogs learn to watch our every move.  If leaving becomes a highly animated event, especially if you have kids, your dog will get very anxious. You can practice repeated low-key coming and going without actually leaving.  If your kids take the bus or carpool, you can walk your dog to where the kids are leaving from.  This can help reduce anxiety and get some exercise.

4. Morning Exercise

Studies show that dogs without stimulation in the morning are more likely to act up later in the day.  During the summer, the dog probably got more exercise due to more people being home or being light longer outside.  You want to keep the exercise going in your Back To School routine.  It can be playtime, fetch, or quick train.  Here are some quick enrichment games to play in the morning.

5. Daytime Treats and Games

Giving some stuffable toys like Kongs or West Paw Topple can help the transition to being home alone.

6. Enroll in Doggie Daycare

August and September are big new dog enrollment months for Wags & Wiggles Dog Daycare. Our Meet and Greet process is quick and easy.  You can start reviewing your vaccine status with your veterinarian and make an appointment for anything your dog is missing.  We require up-to-date DHPP, Rabies, Bordatella, and a clean fecal in the last year.  This way, you will be set up when your dog tells you they are bored and need more to be happy.  Even once-a-week daycare can make a substantial positive impact on your dog's mental health and well-being.

7. Use a Dog Cam to check up on your dog

These cameras are highly reviewed to check on your dog during this new Back To School Routine! Try this Blink Mini, Kasa, or this PetCube camera!  All are highly rated on Amazon.  They even have cameras, like this Furbo 360, that dispense treats.



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