Dog Daycare Drains the Swamp

Dog daycare has many benefits for dogs and the humans who live with them. Behaviors that your dog has that you may find annoying are genetically hard-wired into their brain. As early as 2 weeks of age, you can see puppies already wrestling and biting each other as part of their environmental exploration. Dogs who aren't provided an outlet for their natural desires will start to build up tension. Dog daycare can drain the swamp of pent up energy, bringing harmony back to your household.

The swamp typically forms slowly, but gradually.

Around 4 months of age, your groggy puppy who sleeps half the day suddenly isn't so tired anymore. The neighborhood walkabout no longer wears them out. They are becoming more vocal, especially when frustrated. They may even have a witching hour where they become possessed and run around like demons have taken over them. Us dog owners may try different types of suppression thinking it will drain the swamp. In return, it actually ends up filling the swamp more.

However, suppressing natural behaviors like biting, jumping, and running around can cause them to become unwanted aggressive behaviors.

Rescue dogs can benefit from dog daycare. Being shuffled around to different homes and places can make a dog shut down. When they finally land in a soft place, those bothersome genetic behaviors start to come out. The sweet humble dog you brought home is starting to change into a more real dog that may have an overflowing swamp of energy.

Dog daycare can drain that swamp. Dogs do an amazing job of helping each other become more balanced through socialization. Since it’s a pack environment, there is always someone for everyone. Dogs can find their best friend in the group who has a similar play style as them.

Eventually, they wear themselves out; and if their friend gets tired too early, they can move on to the next dog who still has energy to burn. They bite, they wrestle, and they play keep away. Sounds exactly like what they want to do at home, right?

By the end of the day, that swamp of excess energy has drained.

Dog daycare at Wags & Wiggles means large open play space where dogs can really play. We do separate our groups to better match doggie friends but the yards are huge. Our staff is trained to keep the dog play at a safe level. They encourage healthy play and redirect any play that becomes too rough. Dog daycare is significantly safer than any public dog park where no one watches their dog or intervenes when play becomes too crazy.

It isn't just about draining physical energy. We also want to stimulate your dog’s active brain. Our daily Quick Trains engage the dog's minds, and helps teach them new cues and tricks.

It all starts with our Meet and Greet process.

Schedule a Meet and Greet appointment to see our facility and daycare floors. This introduction process is an opportunity for staff members to assess your dog’s behaviors and energy levels and see what we can do to help your dog be successful at daycare. We want them to be able to fully drain their swamp and find a balance in their energy and mental stimulation.

Sometimes, it may take a dog a few visits to dog daycare before they loosen up enough to play. This may be because they have an overflowing swamp, and it takes several trips to daycare to fully drain it.

If after a few visits, you don't notice a significant improvement in your dog's energy balance, get a free training evaluation from a behavior consultant at Wags & Wiggles. They might be anxiety prone, in which case, your dog may need intervention to become calmer and exercise may not be enough.

If you are feeling frustrated with your dog, dog daycare may be just the right solution to drain the swamp.

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