Fun Fall Enrichment Activities!

It's time for some fall-filled enrichment for your dog! fall activities

From outdoor adventures to cozy nights, there are many local and at-home fall enrichment activities that you and your dog can enjoy together.

Take a hike!

With the changing leaves and cool weather,  Fall is the perfect season for hiking!  Explore your local trails and state parks, or even cruise your neighborhood with your dog.

Be sure to bring water and snacks, and always dress you and your dog accordingly.  It is also a good idea to check beforehand to ensure dogs are permitted on the trails and parks you plan to visit!

For those local to Orange County, CA, check out the Quail Hill Loop in Irvine and the San Clemente Beach Trail for beautiful views!

Leaf pile play time!

Do you have trees in your backyard starting to shed their leaves?  This is one of the perfect fall activities to do with your dog!  Take advantage of the fall foliage at home, or even in your neighborhood park, by raking them into a pile and letting your dog run and jump through it!  There will be lots of smells for them to sniff, and they love the crunch of the leaves.

If they need some encouragement, bring one of their favorite toys and toss it into the pile!

Irvine Regional Park is a great place to get your fall fix!  There are lots of trees, which means lots of crunchy leaves!

Go on an apple orchard adventure!

Many apple orchards allow friendly and well-behaved dogs on leash to join you and your family while apple picking!  This activity is a great way to get the whole family out and enjoy the fall weather.

If you are local to Southern California, check out the fall fun in Oak Glen!  They have fresh apple cider, gift shops, and apple orchards to enjoy.

Have a pumpkin-themed photo shoot!

Gather up some pumpkins and leaves and get some adorable fall-themed pictures!  For extra fun, dress them up in a fall bandanna or Halloween costume.  You can share these on social media and use them for holiday cards.

Be sure to bring a good reinforcement, like their favorite treat, toy (or both!)

Show off your dog's Halloween costume!

Halloween is approaching, so why not show off your pup's best costume?  Take your dog on a walk around the neighborhood sporting their cute or spooky costume.  You can even get your neighbors and friends to participate with their dogs, too!  Have fun showing off your creativity and providing fun entertainment for the neighborhood.

Get Cozy!

Light up the fireplace and gather blankets and pillows for a nice indoor activity to create a cozy space.  Then get comfy and prepare for cuddles.  Put on your favorite dog-themed movie, and don't forget the snacks (dog-friendly snacks included!)

If your dog isn't one to sit still for long, you can always set them up with a fun puzzle toy for when they get antsy.

Dog Daycare!

When the fall weather brings rain showers, taking your dog to their favorite dog daycare is an excellent option!  They will play with friends and participate in activities to keep their body and mind happy!  The best part is that you'll have a happy and tired dog when it's time to go home.

At Wags & Wiggles, we know how important it is to have an activity-based daycare environment. They participate in daily Quick Trains and Yappy Hour to keep our pup's mind stimulated and break up their day. It's a great way for your dog to spend their day, especially when the weather isn't optimal for outdoor activities.

Whether exploring the great outdoors or enjoying cozy moments at home, these fall activities are a fun way to strengthen your relationship with your dog!

So, grab your leash and embark on an enrichment-filled fall!

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