Unleash Your Dog’s Inner Artist!

Is your pup a Pawblo Picasso? Now is your chance to put your dog's artistic skills to work!

We recently had a limited-time enrichment activity upgrade available where dogs made a unique and special painting for their owners. It was such a big hit that we want to share with you how to do this fun activity at home! After all, who doesn't want to line their walls with paintings by their pup?

This enriching art project lets your dog channel their inner artist and create unique masterpieces!

Here are the materials needed:

1. Ziploc bags (quart-sized or larger, depending on the size of your canvas)
2. Craft paint in various colors (we recommend at least 3)
3. Peanut butter (or a soft food of their choice, baby food can be a good alternative)
4. Canvas

Now, let's get started!

Prepare your painting space

Find a spot for your activity. Be sure to do this activity in a place you can easily clean in case it gets messy! For example, you can lay down a sheet or put paper towels under where your dog will be licking the Ziploc bag.

Preparing the canvas

Pour the paint on the canvas. You can pour it in a pattern or go crazy and squeeze different designs for each color! Remember, a small amount of paint goes a long way.

Apply the peanut butter to the Ziploc bag

Once you have applied the paint to your canvas, set that aside. Now, it's time to add the fun part! Spread a generous amount of peanut butter evenly on the outside of the Ziploc bag. We found that using the back of a spoon created a nice layer.

The peanut butter acts as an enticing lure for your dog, encouraging them to lick and interact with the bag, which is what creates the art.

Create the "paint palette"

Open up your Ziploc bag and carefully place the canvas with the paint inside. Make sure you fully seal the bag so that paint does not get on anything but the canvas and the inside of the Ziploc bag.

Let the artistic journey begin

Place the prepared Ziploc bag in front of your dog, ensuring the paint-covered side faces up. Next, encourage your dog to investigate the enticing scent of peanut butter. As they start licking the bag, their tongue will spread the paint, creating a unique work of art!

Allow your dog to express themselves

Give them the freedom to explore their creativity! You can guide them by moving the bag slightly or tilting it to create different patterns. You might be surprised by the artistic flair your furry friend demonstrates!

Remove from the Ziploc

Once your dog has finished their artwork, we found placing your dog's painting in the freezer while still in the plastic bag for about 30 minutes. This will help in the removal process by keeping the patterns your dog created.

Once you remove the painting from the freezer, open the Ziploc bag. Then, carefully cut two more sides of the bag. Once it is open, carefully peel off the Ziploc bag and remove the canvas. Allow your painting to dry on a flat surface for 24 hours.

Now you can admire your dog's unique work of art! You can frame the artwork or hang it as is to display your pup's talent proudly!

Pro Tips:

Safety first: Make sure you are using peanut butter containing no harmful ingredients. Remember, your dog is ONLY licking the peanut butter, not the paint itself.

Supervision is key: During this enrichment activity, it's essential to supervise your dog throughout the painting process. Be sure to pay attention and make sure your dog does not bite through the plastic bag.

Food allergies? No problem: If your dog has food allergies or a strict diet, you and your dog can still enjoy this activity together! Take your dog's favorite kibble, and soak it in hot water for about 15 minutes. Then, take a fork and mush it up. Once it is in mush form, you can spread it and even pour the yummy kibble water on the Ziploc bag like peanut butter!

Picky eaters: If your dog does not have an affinity for peanut butter, there are other alternatives you can use. Try sprinkling parmesan cheese onto the bag, spreading baby food or wet food your dog likes, spreading canned tuna, etc.

Check out our very own Pawblo Picasso's and watch the steps for this enrichment activity in action in the video below!

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