Is Daycare Safe for My Small Dog?

When it comes to small dogs, some pet parents may have concerns about their safety and well-being in a daycare setting.

Dog daycare is an excellent option for pet owners who want to provide their furry friends with a fun and stimulating environment. In addition, dog daycare is safe and a perfect choice for small dogs!

One of the primary concerns for any dog owner is ensuring their dog's safety.

Doggie daycares are designed with various security measures, making it virtually impossible for dogs to get out of the building.  Here at Wags & Wiggles and Tiny Town, we have secure fencing, double gates, specific door handles, and other mechanisms to prevent dogs from being able to leave the safe area they are in.  This means small dogs can enjoy their playtime without the risk of them potentially sneaking out.

Maintaining a comfortable temperature is crucial for small breeds that may be more sensitive to extreme weather conditions.

Most dog daycares have climate-controlled indoor areas to ensure a consistent temperature throughout the day.  This way, small dogs can avoid any discomfort caused by extreme heat or cold, keeping them safe and comfortable.

Just like humans, dogs need adequate rest to stay healthy and energized!

Small dogs love a good cuddle session or a nap on their favorite person's lap.  We provide soft and comfortable sleeping arrangements in our luxury suites where tiny tots can relax and recharge between play sessions.

Our small dogs will also be nice and cozy during bedtime. These suites are designed with their size and comfort in mind, which allows them to rest peacefully during their stay.

Small dogs have unique play needs. That means it is essential for them to socialize with dogs of similar size and temperament.

When at daycare, the playgroups are based on size and compatibility, ensuring the small dogs have appropriate playmates.  This minimizes the risk of accidental injuries that could occur when playing with larger, more energetic dogs, making the daycare experience safer for small breeds.  Tiny Town will also feature a puppy play group!  That way, the wild puppies can zoom and play without disturbing the more mellow dogs.

It is essential to take special considerations when catering to the needs of small dogs.

Water bowls are kept at a lower height to ensure accessibility for the tiny tots to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially since they will be romping with their friends!  Similarly, toys in the play areas are carefully chosen to be appropriate in size for small dogs, preventing any potential choking hazards.  We like the durability of Kong toys and appropriately sized Nylabones!

Individual attention and affection are among the best parts of dog daycare for your small dog!

Small breeds often benefit from being held and cuddled! Daycare staff members are trained to provide affectionate interaction throughout the day.  Regular cuddles and kisses not only provide comfort but also helps monitor the small dogs closely for any signs of stress or health issues.

At Tiny Town, we do a thorough head-to-tail check on each dog in our facility. Then, we make notes and notify their owner if we see anything awry.

One of the most significant advantages of dog daycare is the continuous supervision provided by trained staff members.

The dogs' behavior, interactions, and well-being are supervised 24/7.  This level of supervision ensures that any potential conflicts or issues are promptly addressed. In addition, this minimizes the chances of accidents or harm to our tiny pals.

Dog daycare offers a safe and enjoyable environment for small dogs to socialize, exercise, and receive love and attention.  With secure facilities, controlled temperatures, appropriate playmates, and continuous supervision, you can have peace of mind knowing that your small dogs are in good hands at Tiny Town!

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