In Basic Dog Training Lingo, You’re Forked!

wags-wiggles-dog-daycare-boarding-training-rancho-santa-margarita-tustin-basic-dog-trainingSummer is coming to an end, and something has been brewing in your house.

The dog has gone a little stir crazy. He’s higher strung, running around more, and harder to control. His barking is unmanageable, and he is ignoring your cues.

You are no longer in denial and have accepted reality – he’s sweet for sure, but his behavior has crossed a line.

You have arrived at the fork in the road.

If you continue down the current path, the future looks scary and just plain sad.

Traveling down the other path requires you to take action. Small steps will take you in a more positive direction.

The dog has probably heard “NO!” more often than “good dog” lately. The funny thing is, over the years, Wags & Wiggles has rarely had to teach someone to correct their dog.

If you’ve used corrections, they may have worked at first. Most humans instinctively know how to punish. The problem is, however, that punishment doesn’t completely solve the issue. Most importantly, it just doesn’t feel right.

You have most likely heard something along the lines of “you just need to put your pup through basic dog training to make him listen to you.”

While basic dog training will help, it probably seems a bit overwhelming.

We have a BIG announcement coming soon that will help you take the first step in the right direction. We can’t wait to share it with you!

In the meantime, if your dog is driving you crazy, you can always enroll your dog in a basic dog training class or consult one of our certified trainers.

Special thanks to our student, Lynn, who came up with the term "You're Forked" during a private lesson. So glad you are moving down a new path!

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