Agility Teaches Humility Even on Vacation

  The crazy summer months at Wags are finally over and it’s time to take a little vacation. We all worked super hard taking care of everyone’s dogs while all our clients jet-setted from the beach to the desert. Little did I know I was about to learn how agility teaches humility. I chose the coast in central California to play agility with great weather, great friends, and great life lessons. My dogs were so happy and loving. They made … Read More

Calming Ovals – A Technique Any Human Can Master

  No matter what style of training you use, teaching a dog to walk nicely on a leash is often a source of frustration for the human. That’s where calming ovals can help. Questions we often hear are: When do I click? When do I feed? What hand do I feed from? When do I stop? Do I turn around? What if the dog won’t walk? When do I yank the leash?   Well, hopefully, you are coming to our … Read More

Find Dog Breeders for Your Next Puppy

  We often find dog breeders and look for a puppy when the time just feels right. Or we have recently lost a much-loved member of our pack and are ready for the next “one” to join our family. Buying a puppy from a breeder can be a great experience, provided you do your homework ahead of time. Once you have thoroughly researched the breeds you are considering and are ready to take the leap – as one of our … Read More

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