Agility Teaches Humility Even on Vacation

The crazy summer months at Wags are finally over and it’s time to take a little vacation. We all worked super hard taking care of everyone’s dogs while all our clients jet-setted from the beach to the desert. Little did I know I was about to learn how agility teaches humility.

I chose the coast in central California to play agility with great weather, great friends, and great life lessons.

My dogs were so happy and loving. They made my life complete. I even had a stowaway named Rudy (a chihuahua nicknamed “the Punk Rodent”) who may just become the next agility star. More on Rudy later.

Ego takes a dive as agility teaches humility

Apparently, this trip was going to include an agility lesson on “Humility”. There is nothing like a good fall on your rear end to put any ego you had on hold. Of course, it was caught on video. I hope you enjoy it.

I love how Gem really wanted to make sure “I” was okay after I took a spectacular feet sliding dump on my butt on one of the most important agility runs of the weekend.

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