Employee Spotlight – Meet Zed!

Everyone, Meet Zed!

Zed is originally from Pennsylvania. He got his degree in Education and Psychology at Shippensburg University and worked in behavioral health with children and adults with autism.

While Zed was moving out to California back in 2015, he stayed with some friends in Colorado. His friends had 3 dogs who were not sociable with other dogs. Zed worked with these 3 dogs and his own dog, Boh, and by the end of the day, all of the dogs were getting along!

Zed’s friends noted that he had a natural ability and they recommended he apply at a dog training facility. He saw we were hiring and applied. He was originally hired on as a training apprentice and is now the Training Manager at RSM!

As Training Manager, Zed teaches group obedience classes, works with Board & Train, Puppy Raising, and Day School students, sets up private training lessons, and helps ensure all of the dogs attending daycare are successful on the play floor!

Zed loves working at Wags because the experience of working here is something that can’t be found anywhere else. Our clients are amazing, successful people who enjoy the challenge of training their dogs. The amount of dogs that Zed gets to train is more than most other places in the country. Laurie is a fantastic mentor and he’s learned a lot from her!

Zed loves all dogs, but is definitely more of a “big dog” person! He loves Springer Spaniels, Goodles, and Labs. His own dog, Boh, is a 5 year old Springer Spaniel!

When Zed isn’t at work, he enjoys going on bike rides with Boh, motorcycling down PCH or through the Canyon, reading, carpentry, and going on road trips.

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