New Puppy Series: Top 5 Things to Do When Bringing Home a New Puppy

Top 5 Things to Do When Bringing Home a New Puppy Did you recently bring home a new puppy? This blog mini-series is for you! In this post, we go over the Top 5 things you should do when bringing a new puppy home for the very first time. The brand new puppy in the pictures is Logic, the newest addition to the Zurborg family! #1 – Show Your New Puppy Where to Go Potty Where your new puppy goes … Read More

Meet Hercules, the Latest Wags & Wiggles Rescue!

Meet Hercules, the latest Wags & Wiggles rescue! Hercules is a four year old Spaniel mix. He probably has a little bit of everything mixed in, including Pug, Beagle, and Cavalier. Unfortunately, his prior family could no longer keep him. He has been at our Rancho Santa Margarita facility for a few weeks now and is ready to find his forever home! Hercules is a very sweet, affectionate, loving dog. He is on the small-to-medium side, has a medium amount … Read More

Understanding Dog Body Language

Dogs have a lot to say! Understanding dog body language will help you communicate effectively with your pup. Dogs speak mostly through body language. Learning how to speak “dog” is important because you will be able to recognize when your dog is uncomfortable, scared, or threatened. Dogs rarely bite without multiple warning signs. You will have to train your eye to see quick body movements, as they may appear for a moment and then dissolve into something else. First, understand … Read More

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