Free 10 Day Canine Enrichment Challenge: Day 6 – “Catch It”

Catch It The Aim of the Game “Catch It” is another attention capturing game. This Canine Enrichment game is so easy to play that even kids love it. This game can help build desire for food in dogs that need some drive building. Regular food may be a little boring, but if you put it in motion and make it a game it can suddenly become very exciting. It helps that the human playing the game is very excited and … Read More

Free 10 Day Canine Enrichment Challenge: Day 5 “Which Hand?”

Which Hand The Aim of the Game “Which Hand?” is to develop a game that can keep your dog’s attention on you. This Canine Enrichment game can help keep a puppy busy while waiting for the veterinarian or keeping their attention while sitting at a bench at the park. This game can be particularly useful in any situation that is going to distracting or scary for your dog. It can keep your dog focused and lets them have fun while … Read More

Free 10 Day Canine Enrichment Challenge: Day 4 “Pull It”

Pull It The Aim of the Game “Pull It” is to encourage a wider range of behavior than just eating. This Canine Enrichment game will help develop more strategies in your dog to get to their reinforcement. This type of game will broaden your dog’s repertoire in solving puzzles and develop more cognitive skills. Helping your dog think through puzzles will reduce frustration and destructive behaviors.

Free 10 Day Canine Enrichment Challenge: Day 3 “Push It”

Push It Game The Aim of the Game “Push It” is to take one simple idea and create 20 more possibilities. This Canine Enrichment game will spark your dog’s natural curiosity and build their confidence that they can find their own reinforcement. This skill of learning to push objects can lead to many more complex enrichment games.

Free 10 Day Canine Enrichment Challenge: Day 2 “Follow It”

Follow It Game The Aim of the Game “Follow It” is to spend time harnessing your dog’s natural skill to track. Tracking is great for all dogs as a form of Canine Enrichment, but especially dogs that can get easily distracted. This skill will help them learn to focus and pay attention to a task for a period of time. You can start teaching your dog to follow the trail with minimal investment and it’s easy to advance the game.

Free Canine Enrichment: Prep for 10 Day Challenge

It isn’t a secret that stimulating your dog’s mind is among the things that contribute to their happiness. What you may not have considered is “the power of choice”. Free Canine Enrichment is a hot topic now among dog enthusiasts. Humans decide every factor of a dog’s life, from when they eat to where they potty. Putting some choice back into their lives through puzzles, games and enrichment can add to that stimulation. Canine Enrichment is a broad name for … Read More

In Basic Dog Training Lingo, You’re Forked!

Summer is coming to an end, and something has been brewing in your house. The dog has gone a little stir crazy. He’s higher strung, running around more, and harder to control. His barking is unmanageable, and he is ignoring your cues. You are no longer in denial and have accepted reality – he’s sweet for sure, but his behavior has crossed a line. You have arrived at the fork in the road. If you continue down the current path, … Read More

3 Dog Behaviors That Can Turn Your Beloved Dog into a Liability

1. Snapping at the face Many dog owners find it endearing when their dogs kiss their faces. Humans kiss to show affection, so when your dog does it, it feels like he or she really loves you! However, most mouth licking between dogs is pesky behavior. The dog is really asking, “will you let me do this?” If you teach your puppy that it’s okay to lick your face, you are training your puppy to target human faces. Fast forward … Read More

How Hand Signals Can Improve Your Dog’s Life

How Hand Signals Can Improve Your Dog’s Life A hand signal is when you make a gesture and your dog responds by performing a certain behavior. Dogs are pretty amazing at reading body language, and many find hand signals easier to understand than verbal cues. Hand signals can significantly improve your dog’s quality of life for the following reasons: Teaching your dog hand signals will increase his or her overall focus. Dogs who understand hand signals pay more attention to … Read More

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