The New Puppy Guide!

Did you recently get a new puppy, but have no clue where to start on introducing it into its new life? This guide is a master list of all of our puppy training resources – from old blog posts, to training programs we offer. We want to help you raise your puppy to be the dog you’ve always dreamed of. Where to Start? Bringing a new puppy home and introducing them into your life is not always easy. Puppies require … Read More

Free Canine Enrichment: “Roll It”

Roll it The aim of the Canine Enrichment game “Roll It” is to teach your dog a new skill or strategy to solve puzzles. Many dogs will just try to destroy any canine enrichment puzzle versus trying to figure out the solution to the game. Teaching a dog a skill like “roll it” will make them more thoughtful in their problem solving strategies.

Free 10 Day Canine Enrichment Challenge: Day 8 – “Watch and Go”

Watch and Go The Aim of the Game “Watch and Go” is to get your dog some exercise, and throw in just a little bit of training. This Canine Enrichment game is very easy to play but it may take you a few tries to get into a rhythm with the dog. You want to balance the fun of chasing the food with learning to give you eye contact. The best part of this game is it will teach your … Read More

Free 10 Day Canine Enrichment Challenge: Day 7 – “Go Through It”

Go Through It The Aim of the Game “Go Through It” is to boost your dog’s confidence and get a little exercise. This Canine Enrichment game does take a little training but it is time well spent with your dog. You can use food to get this game going, and then switch to a toy if you are watching calories. At the genius level, you can turn this game into an obstacle course and get more exercise.

Free 10 Day Canine Enrichment Challenge: Day 6 – “Catch It”

Catch It The Aim of the Game “Catch It” is another attention capturing game. This Canine Enrichment game is so easy to play that even kids love it. This game can help build desire for food in dogs that need some drive building. Regular food may be a little boring, but if you put it in motion and make it a game it can suddenly become very exciting. It helps that the human playing the game is very excited and … Read More

Free 10 Day Canine Enrichment Challenge: Day 5 “Which Hand?”

Which Hand The Aim of the Game “Which Hand?” is to develop a game that can keep your dog’s attention on you. This Canine Enrichment game can help keep a puppy busy while waiting for the veterinarian or keeping their attention while sitting at a bench at the park. This game can be particularly useful in any situation that is going to distracting or scary for your dog. It can keep your dog focused and lets them have fun while … Read More

Free 10 Day Canine Enrichment Challenge: Day 4 “Pull It”

Pull It The Aim of the Game “Pull It” is to encourage a wider range of behavior than just eating. This Canine Enrichment game will help develop more strategies in your dog to get to their reinforcement. This type of game will broaden your dog’s repertoire in solving puzzles and develop more cognitive skills. Helping your dog think through puzzles will reduce frustration and destructive behaviors.

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