The Many Applications of “Touch!” in Basic Dog Training – Why Every Dog Should Know This Command

Every basic dog training program includes the the command “touch!” If you’ve taken any of our obedience classes, you are familiar with the behavior “touch!” The goal is to teach your dog to touch the palm of your hand or tips of your fingers when commanded to do so. This simple behavior has many applications in basic dog training. The use of “touch” can substitute for the command “come.” Some dogs are more likely to respond to “touch” rather than … Read More

AKC Trick Dog Seminar: High Five and Crawl Your Way to a Title

Wags & Wiggles is offering a 2 Hour AKC Trick Dog Titling Seminar that covers 10 common tricks. The American Kennel Club (AKC) is offering a Trick Dog Program, which will include four level of titles ranging from Novice to Performer allowing dogs of all levels to participate. At the end of the seminar, attendees have the option to test for their Level 1 Tricks Title. Don’t let the word “test” scare you away. The tricks are pretty basic and … Read More

Target Training – From the Dentist’s Chair to Dog Training & Everything in Between!

Who knew that going to the dentist would make me think about dog training? I was halfway through my x-rays when I suddenly realized they were using concepts from target training! With new technology and some nods towards behavioral science, the hygienist had a target to help her line up the x-ray machine correctly. By having a yellow hoop as a visual target of exactly where to place it, the hygienist was able to line up the machine to get … Read More

Dog Pack Dynamics and Compatibility Concerns

Adding a new dog to your house is always an exciting idea. Most people think the dogs will be best friends and entertain each other. However, having more than one dog means you are developing a dog pack. There is a lot to consider when pack dynamics are involved. Pack Design should be given serious consideration. First, you want to take a moment to describe your existing dog(s). Are they leaders or followers? Do they guard their food/toys or your … Read More

30 Traits Of A Great Dog Trainer

After 22 years, I am told I am now a pack leader (great dog trainer) in the industry. Wags & Wiggles has been lucky to meet and help many fledgling dog trainers. There has been a recent trend of people wanting the fast track to professional dog trainer. I try to be politically correct but I want to laugh out loud and suggest they try to fast track their way to doctor, lawyer, or electrician. Dedication to Learning the Trade … Read More

Prong Collar – What Professionals Have to Say

Force Free Dog Training – No Choke, No Prong, No Pain! – Original article by Niki Tudge and Angelica Steinker Effective training procedures lay the foundation for an animal’s healthy socialization, capacity for learning and will help prevent behavior problems. Since a wide variety of equipment and tools are commonly used when training pets and in their daily activities, the pet-owning public needs to be aware of the potential problems and dangers some equipment may pose. Specifically, the use of … Read More

When a Dog Fight Begins in Your Household

Apparently, a dog fight has been brewing in my dog pack. At the end of a particularly stressful day, I took my pack for an off leash hike on my property. I was sharing a great bottle of wine with a great friend. Then a vicious dog fight breaks out in my pack. My two lead male dogs, Gumbo and Savior, had waged war. Both locked on, screaming, blood, the works. It was terrible. All the other dogs ran and … Read More

What to Expect From Your Adolescent Puppy

What to Expect From Your Adolescent Puppy Are you experiencing the adolescent puppy blues? The holidays have come and gone, and many of us were blessed with a fluffy and irresistibly cute addition: a puppy! That adorable little bundle of fur was quickly enrolled in a puppy training class and you thought he was well on his way to being a polite, well-behaved member of the family. But wait… is that a yellow stain part way up the drapes? After … Read More

What the Heck is a Gentle Leader?

Frequently at Wags, we will recommend a secret weapon to our clients to help them better manage or work with their dogs. Our “secrets” may involve unique treats, a walking tool, or another piece of equipment that we have had great experience with. Unfortunately, sometimes for our clients, we may be speaking a different language! We thought it would be nice to explain some of our most frequently recommended items in one place for our clients to peruse. Even if … Read More

Self Control – Waiting for the Cue

  Most clients would like to know how to stop their dog from chasing squirrels or how not to pull on the leash. Those questions are somewhat easy to answer with a well-laid training plan. A few days ago, I was asked a different sort of question that I found much more difficult to answer. Identifying the Issues This client’s agility dog struggled with several issues: separation anxiety, counter surfing, start line problems, bar knocking, and a few other things. … Read More

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