Tricks for Treats Dog Training Class

Dog Tricks Training Class - Wags and WigglesOur Tricks for Treats dog training is a light-hearted class to teach you and your dog some fun show-off tricks like "rollover," "high five," "crawl," "stick 'em up," skateboarding, and much more.

We offer 5-week classes of in-facility Trick Dog Training classes at both of our locations. Online Trick Dog Training is also available through the Wags & Wiggles Online Dog Training Classroom.

This class is only limited to your imagination and your patience. Teaching your dog tricks keeps their mind active and strengthens your relationship. Many tricks even have practical use!

We also teach more complex tricks that may take several steps to complete like "criss-cross your paws," "weave through my legs," and "put away your toys in a basket."

Class Rules:

  • One handler per dog in class but the entire family welcome to attend
  • Well-behaved children over the age of 6 are welcome to attend. Any child under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. No more than 2 children per family allowed
  • No out of control, aggressive, or wild dogs
  • Instructor/student ratio is 1:6
  • No Choke Chains or Electronic Collars allowed on site
  • Level 2 Prerequisite: Tricks Level 1 OR Pre-approval by Instructor required. To enter Tricks Level 2, your dog must be able to touch objects with its nose and paw on cue.

Classes are 5 weeks long, $175 each


AKC Trick Dog Titling

Trick Dog training builds confidence, improves obedience and manners, strengthens the bond between you and your dog, and is a great form of physical and mental exercise. AKC Trick Dog titles are official AKC titles listed on the dog’s title record. Earn your Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Trick Dog Titles at Wags & Wiggles! Testing is available during all our Tricks Classes.


If a dog has a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate or title on record with the AKC, he or she only needs to perform 5 Novice tricks instead of 10 to earn the Novice title.

Perform 10 of the following tricks:

  • Balance beam (walk on a low board a few inches off floor)
  • Bark on cue (“Speak”)
  • Crawl (dog on belly, crawls at least 5 feet)
  • Fetch it and give (ball, toy, etc- bring to handler, release)
  • Find it (find treat hidden under cup)
  • Get your _________. (Leash, brush, name of toy)
  • Get in (gets in box)
  • Get on (gets on low platform or step - 4 paws)
  • Hand signals (down, sit, or come)
  • High five
  • Hold (3 seconds)
  • Jump (through a low hoop or over a low bar)
  • Kennel up (go in crate, stay in until released)
  • Kiss (point to cheek)
  • Paws up (2 front paws on low stool or step)
  • Push-ups (sit, down, sit, down, sit, down)
  • Shake hands
  • Spin in a circle
  • Touch it (hand or target stick)
  • Tunnel (agility tunnel or child’s tunnel)


For the Intermediate Trick Dog Title, the dog must have the Novice title, plus perform 10 Intermediate tricks.

Intermediate Tricks:

  • Balance treat on nose or head (e.g., dog biscuit)
  • Carry (a basket)
  • Catch (soft toy, soft ball)
  • Crawl (dog on belly, crawls at least 5 feet-may use food or toy lure)
  • Fetch it (20 ft.)
  • Game (dog manipulates interactive canine game to get treat)
  • Go find (handler hides, dog goes and finds)
  • Go to your place (to bed/mat, crate from 10 ft.)
  • Hand signals (sit, down, come, stand, etc. 3 in a row)
  • Jump through handler’s circle arms
  • Leg weave (weave around handler’s legs)
  • Paws up (on handler’s arm)
  • Pull a toy on a string or rope
  • Push button on sound toy, toy piano, to turn on audiotape, etc
  • Rollover
  • Shell game (find treat under 1 of 3 cups)
  • Sit pretty (sit up or sit w/ head tilted)
  • Wave good-bye
  • Weave poles (6 weave poles) (may use food or toy lure for this trick)
  • Wobble board


For the Advanced Trick Dog Title, the dog must have the Intermediate title, plus perform 5 tricks from the Advanced list.

Advanced Tricks:

  • Back up (walk backwards)
  • Balance treat on nose, flip to eat when told “OK”
  • Barrel (roll with 2 paws, or stand on with 4)
  • Bow (as in “Take a bow”)
  • Circle right, circle left
  • Cover your eyes
  • Cover-up with blanket
  • Go hide (get under table)
  • Head down
  • Hide your head (under blanket, front arm over head)
  • Jump into handler’s arms
  • Jump over handler’s back
  • Light (turn on pressure sensitive battery operated light)
  • Open door of mailbox, toy refrigerator, get object
  • Play dead
  • Scent articles (choose from 5 - dog can ‘read’)
  • Sit or down at distance (15 ft.)
  • Tissue out of box (and bring to handler)
  • Toys (take to and drop in box)
  • Weave poles (6 weave poles) (no food or toy lures)

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