When a Dog Fight Begins in Your Household

Apparently, a dog fight has been brewing in my dog pack. At the end of a particularly stressful day, I took my pack for an off leash hike on my property. I was sharing a great bottle of wine with a great friend. Then a vicious dog fight breaks out in my pack. My two lead male dogs, Gumbo and Savior, had waged war. Both locked on, screaming, blood, the works. It was terrible. All the other dogs ran and … Read More

Favorite Homemade Tuna Fudge Dog Treat Recipe

  Tuna Fudge is a favorite dog treat recipe of both our dogs and the Wags & Wiggles family in attendance at dog agility trials. It’s nutritious and easy to make. The dogs crowd around us in anticipation of their tasty reward. We have had great success with this dog treat recipe as a training tool for finicky dogs who are not normally inspired by treats. Below is the version we have more-or-less perfected. A 15oz can of Salmon (in … Read More

USDAA Agility 2011 Nationals Wrap Up

Trip to Kentucky The trip to Kentucky for the USDAA Agility 2011 Nationals was a good trip but not a great trip. We didn’t come back with any wins or trophies this year. While I was proud of what we did, we just had an off trial. Gumbo, my steady Catahoula, and I were just not in sync. After close examination of the video, there wasn’t anything obvious I did most of the time – we were just off. He … Read More

Watching our Puppies Grow – Before and After

  Hi All! Romi here, over at the Tustin Wags & Wiggles! For my first blog post, I decided to make it a cute, short one! I compiled some pictures of Wags client dogs and staff dogs that have been coming to us since wee bitty puppies and have grown into beautiful adults! I thought it would be fun to compare the before and after pictures! One of the perks of the job is watching our puppies grow! Enjoy the … Read More

Welcome Sir Punk Rodent

Sir Punk Rodent is really his full name. Rodie for short. He just joined the pack of Team Agility Zurborg. He’s a 4 1/2-month-old Chihuahua who is full of evil thoughts. He loves to bite, chase, harass, and be a total punk. Super-Dog! He has no thoughts of self-preservation and will climb any mountain, jump off any building, and wear his superman cape all day long. I realize he’s the wrong color but we will soon rectify that with a … Read More

What a tortoise can teach you

  The first thing you have to know about Tortoises is that they can go on a “tortoise rampage”. You never know what prompts it. They just get angry about something. I just spent 3 hours battling my tortoise. Our Sulcata Tortoise Named Bump Bump is a 15-year-old sulcata tortoise we rescued from the LA Shelter. He now weighs 67 pounds. Today Bump decided that he HAD to fit inside the smaller hut belonging to our other tortoise. Bump can’t … Read More

Agility Teaches Humility Even on Vacation

  The crazy summer months at Wags are finally over and it’s time to take a little vacation. We all worked super hard taking care of everyone’s dogs while all our clients jet-setted from the beach to the desert. Little did I know I was about to learn how agility teaches humility. I chose the coast in central California to play agility with great weather, great friends, and great life lessons. My dogs were so happy and loving. They made … Read More

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