Off-Leash Training: Using A Training Loop

Training loops are used to transition a dog to off-leash training. Everyone wants their dog to listen to their cues and be well behaved off the leash. Off-Leash training is a huge goal for most dog owners, and a training loop is an excellent tool. The Wags & Wiggles Online Classroom discusses Training Loops to keep dog’s engaged. Training Loops can be essential when training non-traditional breeds, like Shiba Inus. A Training Loop is a term made up by the … Read More

Watching our Puppies Grow – Before and After

  Hi All! Romi here, over at the Tustin Wags & Wiggles! For my first blog post, I decided to make it a cute, short one! I compiled some pictures of Wags client dogs and staff dogs that have been coming to us since wee bitty puppies and have grown into beautiful adults! I thought it would be fun to compare the before and after pictures! One of the perks of the job is watching our puppies grow! Enjoy the … Read More