Puppies Need Positive Reinforcement Puppy Class

Puppies need positive reinforcement in their young lives and this starts in puppy class. Puppies arrive as blank slates but they are learning about you very quickly. Every time something good happens, puppies will want to be attentive to you. Every time something bad happens, puppies will avoid you and tune you out. Puppy Class is critical to teaching your puppy to learn through positive reinforcement. Should I Punish My Puppy? Pet Parents often ask this common question in puppy … Read More

Find Dog Breeders for Your Next Puppy

  We often find dog breeders and look for a puppy when the time just feels right. Or we have recently lost a much-loved member of our pack and are ready for the next “one” to join our family. Buying a puppy from a breeder can be a great experience, provided you do your homework ahead of time. Once you have thoroughly researched the breeds you are considering and are ready to take the leap – as one of our … Read More