Puppies Need Positive Reinforcement Puppy Class

Puppies need positive reinforcement in their young lives and this starts in puppy class. Puppies arrive as blank slates but they are learning about you very quickly. Every time something good happens, puppies will want to be attentive to you. Every time something bad happens, puppies will avoid you and tune you out. Puppy Class is critical to teaching your puppy to learn through positive reinforcement. Should I Punish My Puppy? Pet Parents often ask this common question in puppy … Read More

What to Expect From Your Adolescent Puppy

What to Expect From Your Adolescent Puppy Are you experiencing the adolescent puppy blues? The holidays have come and gone, and many of us were blessed with a fluffy and irresistibly cute addition: a puppy! That adorable little bundle of fur was quickly enrolled in a puppy training class and you thought he was well on his way to being a polite, well-behaved member of the family. But wait… is that a yellow stain part way up the drapes? After … Read More