Santanna Vega
Facility Manager

I joined the Wags & Wiggles team at the beginning of 2012 after looking to switch fields from rescue work. I immediately fell in love with Wags based on their candor and openness to all dogs and their families; an openness to meet and asses each dog personally and professionally.

I initially started in the play area and quickly moved up to supervisor. I then moved into the front office after expressing my desire to get to know the parents of the dogs I had grown to love so much.

I officially joined the management team in 2015 after my husband and I welcomed our daughter.  Most recently I do more behind the scenes work with staff relations and staff training. In addition to one stellar human child, I also have 3 fur kiddos: Brantley, Raleigh and Valor; all of whom I thank daily for the endless supply of laughs. When I'm not at Wags, my hubby and I are always taking the family on new adventures.


Misty Gross

I started out on the play floor as a daycare attendant at Wags and Wiggles and loved the personal time with all of the dogs! Getting promoted to the management team only allowed me to be further involved with every facet in the facility.

The unique attention and approach that Wags and Wiggles takes every day furthers my knowledge as I continue​ to grow with the company. I have a Basset hound named Ruth and have enjoyed having all the help with my first dog from my fellow co-workers.

Although my hair color changes frequently, the amount of personality and friendliness I exhibit never does. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my daughter and reading books/comics!


Susan Yu

I was born and raised in Pismo Beach and then moved to southern California back in 2004. I studied Kinesiology at Cal State Fullerton. I’ve always been into fitness and sports and I have served in the Army Reserves.

I have always loved dogs as a kid, but my love for them grew more than ever as an adult. I have three dogs: two 13-year-old Cocker Spaniels named Jenny and Julie, and one 5-year-old Lab mix named Jackson. While I love all dogs, I have a special spot in my heart for the Spaniel family.

I joined the Wags & Wiggles team in the summer of 2015. I started out on the play floor and rotated between our Big Dog and Small Dog rooms. I eventually became part of the maintenance team. Now, I work in the front office as one of the managers.

When I am not at Wags, I love to hike, go to the beach, and take long drives with my dogs. They go everywhere with me and are my rocks! I also love to listen to a variety of music and play guitar. If I am not at home, I’m most likely at the gym.


Julia Schroepfer

I started at Wags and Wiggles because I loved the idea of getting to play with adorable dogs all day and to continue learning about different dogs on a personal level.

I have an associate's degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in math and science and plan on continuing my education further in animal behavior. I started at Wags and Wiggles with an array of shifts from big and small dogs to the front office. I shortly moved my way up to the Management Team and now get to meet the loving humans behind the dogs!

I personally have one amazing golden/lab mix named Luna and a very fat Siamese cat named Meow. I’m hoping to keep adding more animals to my fur family.

In my spare time, I like to teach my dog new tricks and go on long walks around our neighborhood. I also love to paint and take pictures of my pets.


Lauren Hoffrichter
Assistant Manager

I joined the Wags and Wiggles team back in 2019. I started out on the play floor and working in the front office. After a couple months, I really enjoyed being in the front office getting to know our clientele and welcoming our new Waggers! I am now thrilled to be on the Management Team as an Assistant Manager and looking forward to what each new day brings!

I have a 14-year-old Beagle named Spike and a 3-year-old Cardigan Corgi named Scooter. When I’m not at Wags, you will find me on horseback riding through trails on my horse, Scooby. I love to compete doing Gymkhana and running at barrel races!


Jacalin McMinn

I joined Wags and Wiggles in 2016 as I was looking for an opportunity to grow and expand my knowledge with dogs. I was fortunate enough to start in all areas at Wags from play floor to kitchen, to office and bather! I guess you can call me Jack of all trades!

I joined the management team early in 2020 after years of creating special bonds with the fur kids. I now have the privilege to create special bonds with all of the dogs loving families.

During my time at Wags I've gotten the best gift any employee can receive here and that is to own their favorite dog that comes!! I adopted Kobe who is a Shih Tzu in 2018. He is a great addition to my family!

In my spare time, I'm proactive with my beautiful daughter. We are constantly on the go as her energy never dies down. When I get some me time I enjoy using my creativity to write or bake something sweet.