Wags & Wiggles Dog Daycare Management TeamDani Bryans
Facility Manager

In January of 2014, I joined the Wags and Wiggles team. I started working as a daycare attendant, then in the kitchen, and soon I was promoted to Management! I've always had a love for animals, so being able to work with dogs every day is a dream come true for me. I have a Retriever/Shepherd mix named Abbey Road who loves coming to work as much as I do!


Wags & Wiggles Dog Daycare Management TeamRae Haskill
Facility Manager

I started at Wags back in November of 2013. I have always loved animals and own a 9 year old Pit Mix named Layce that I love and adore, so naturally I was very excited to be a part of the Wags Team!

I started as a daycare attendant and from there moved into the kitchen. Shortly after that I began working in the front office. I am now one of the facility managers here at Wags and could not be happier to be part of such an amazing family.

Being part of the management team, my main priority is that the entire facility is running smoothly and that all the dogs are having a good time! I am very fortunate to work with such a great team and to have a job that is my passion!


Wags & Wiggles Dog Daycare Management TeamCherise Bloom
Facility Manager

I originally started at Wags in April 2014 with an internship through an ROP program while I was in high school. After that ended, I was hired on as a daycare team member and worked my way up from there.

I am now one of the managers at the RSM location and I’m so grateful! It is so rewarding to help clients feel confident in leaving their dogs with us and knowing they are in great care. I love who I work with and feel they are my family away from home.

It is such a joy to be able to interact with so many dogs every single day! I currently have a little terrier mix named Munchie who I rescued. I am also currently going to school full time to get a degree in Business Leadership to help me further my career at Wags.


Rachel Housepian
Operations Manager

In August 2005 I joined the Wags & Wiggles family. I was initially drawn to Wags & Wiggles by my love and passion for working with animals. I have enjoyed watching many of the dogs grow from happy puppies to happy adult dogs, but also get great satisfaction seeing troubled dogs graduate the training program.

I am proud to know I have helped make a difference with these dogs as I see the transformation first-hand. I feel the most satisfaction from seeing rescue dogs come in and get adopted into their forever homes. I am a passionate rescuer, having adopted Cubby, a Australian shepherd and Cola an Australian shepherd/cattle dog mix. I also have another dog I adore, Mason, a (sometimes unruly) Jack Russell Terrier.

I am currently the Operations Manager at RSM, and I help ensure day-to-day life on the play floor run smoothly and that all of the special requests are handled. I assist in the front office and kitchen whenever needed!


Wags & Wiggles Dog Daycare Management TeamLexy Putkamer
Assistant Manager

I became a team member of Wags and Wiggles in November 2014. I fell in love with the little ones and senior citizens and mainly worked with them. After about a year, I moved into the office and eventually became an assistant manager.

I love the people I work with and I love how each day always has something new and exciting to offer. I am so grateful that I get to work with dogs every day! My first dog was a Maltese and that breed will always have a soft spot in my heart.


Wags & Wiggles Dog Daycare Management TeamAnthony Ramirez
Assistant Manager

I have been with the Wags and Wiggles team since April 2016. I was initially drawn to Wags and Wiggles because I absolutely LOVE animals. I started working in both daycare and the office, and eventually I was cross trained to work in the kitchen and as an overnight attendant.

I have two 6-year-old Siberian huskies named Malachi and Goliath and an Italian Mastiff named Silas. I was recently promoted to an assistant manager and could not be happier because I get to spend more time in the office speaking with all of our wonderful clients!


Wags & Wiggles Dog Daycare Management TeamKatie Bacopulos
Digital Communications Director

I joined the Wags & Wiggles team in May 2016. I had just graduated from Humboldt State University and I was looking for a summer job before starting an internship with Disney World that fall. I loved working here so much that I just had to come back after my internship. My "temporary" summer job turned into my long-term career!

As Digital Communications Director, I oversee our social media pages, our website, our online store, our blog, our newsletters, and our ongoing online classroom project. I also handle boarding quotes, design flyers and brochures, attend marketing events, and assist whenever needed in the front office or in our Small Dog room. I truly love coming to work and am so grateful to be part of such an amazing team! There's nothing more rewarding than working with dogs.

I am a proud dog mom to a 5-year-old Cavalier King Charles named Toby. I am obsessed with Cavaliers and also have a soft spot for Chihuahuas, Spaniel mixes, Pugs, and Black Labs!