Preparing to Spay/Neuter Your Dog? Read Fancy and Fiesta’s Story!

Preparing to Spay/Neuter Your Dog? Read Fancy and Fiesta’s Story! This spay/neuter article is based on personal experience – you should always consult with your veterinarian about your individual dog. The time recently came to spay our girls Fancy (Sheltie, age 2) and Fiesta (Aussie, age 5). We wanted to do our best to minimize their discomfort and our anxiety. We’re sharing some information with you so you can prepare for spaying or neutering your dog. There are actually several … Read More

Dog Flu – Signs, Symptoms, and What to Watch Out For

Dog Flu – Signs, Symptoms, and What to Watch Out For In December 2017, Northern California saw an outbreak of canine influenza, also known as the dog flu. Since December, the virus has spread across the Bay Area, making it’s way to Nevada and parts of Oregon. Southern California luckily hasn’t seen any cases yet, but it’s always good to be prepared. There are two known strains of dog flu in the United States – H3N8 and H3N2. H3N8 is an older … Read More

Tips on Choosing Nutritionally Balanced Dog Food – A Short Guide

I’ll let you in on a secret – there is no one “right” dog food! In fact, many dog food experts recommend changing up your dog’s food frequently to obtain nutritional balance. If you’ve ever taken one of our obedience classes, you’ve heard some of this before. Your dog’s food might be labeled as “complete and balanced,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the food is formulated to be “complete and balanced” for YOUR dog! Different types of dogs require … Read More

Dog Noise Anxiety: 10 Tips for Keeping your Dog Safe on July Fourth

Preparation for dog noise anxiety can save you from another holiday in the closet cuddling your fearful dog   While July Fourth is a fun-filled holiday for humans, canines think otherwise! Thinking about dog safety can make or break your holiday. Many dogs show fear during loud or unfamiliar noises but a truly anxious dog can be a danger to themselves. More pets go missing on July 4th than any other time of the year, and July 5th is the … Read More

Dog Health Alert

The health of our pets and families is a priority for all of us. Having social experiences is part of being a healthy dog. Just like humans, whenever dogs come into contact with other members of their own species, there is a risk. You may have read recent news about the dog flu. We have posted before on this subject but this is the latest update. There was a small local outbreak in the LA area last month (approx 35 … Read More